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Error code list by brand

All the printers:
How to clean an inkjet printhead

How to print from Ipad or Iphone

USB001 error operator

Error code 4F
Error code 6A 
Error code 46
Error code 48
Message error "back cover open"
Message error "Service Call Error E50"
Message error "Machine error 48"
Message error "Machine error 77"
Message error "machine error AF"

Error code ##335
Error code ##356 
Error code 100 250.0.0
Error code 2,140,21 or 2140,21
Error code 5,155,55
Error code 1401
Error code 1403
Error code 1405
Error code 5011 
Error code 5100
Error code 5110
Error code 5200
Error code 5700
Error code 5B00 
Error code 5C00 
Error code 5C20
Error code 6000
Error code 6502
Error code 6A00
Error code 6A80
Error code 6A81
Error code 6a90 
Error code 6C10
Error code B200
Error code C000
Error code U163 
Errors code list on some printers Pixma
Message error "APP sensor error" 
Message error "Printhead not installed"

Error code 00000100
Error code 00000101
Error code C0084
Error code E-01 
Message error "Clean sensor"
Message error "General error"
Message error "ink pads are full"
Message error "Unknown cartridge"
Service Req E020
Service Req E511
Service Req E527

Error code 0005fbb6
Error code 0XC4EB841A
Error code 0X61000016
Error code 0X61011BE5 
Error code 0X61011BEB
Error code 0XC18A0406
Error code 0XC18A0501
Error code 49.FF81
Error code 50.x, 50.2
Error code 51.x 
Error code 54.2 
Error code 55.1
Error code 59.xx
Error code 59.xy
Error code 59.30
Error code 60.02
Error code 61:05 
Error code 79
Error code 79.00FE
Error code 86.01 
Error code C0840001
Error code C4EB8802
Message error "Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation"
Message error "Ink system failure" 
Message error "Waiting for tray 0 to lift"

System Error 08:11
System Error 010060 

Error code 3501

Konica Minolta:
Error code 16H

Error code C0420
Error code C6000

Error code 108.xx
Error code 241
Error code 993
Error code 1203 
Message error "Cartridge error 50c"

Error code 010-349
Error code 980


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