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How to solve error C000 on Canon Pixma MX870 and MX860

MX870, MX860, MG520...

Solution 1:
  1. Switch off the printer
  2. Disconnect the power cable
  3. Open door:

  4. Remove the orange protective tape (A) and remove the white polystyrene (protective equipment) (B).

  5. Verify in the printer there is no protective equipment:

  6. Close the door.
  7. Connect the cable and switch on.

Solution 2 :
- Check for any foreign body in the printer: piece of paper, paper clip...
- Check for any paper jams.

Solution 3:
- This error code C000 could be made by an empty cartridge: check for this.

Link about Canon MX870:


lehrer said…
i´m so happy to find your helpful solutions. And afterwards i find a small peace of paper inside the printer. i´ve never looked behind the "printerhead", nearly as your posted picture.

the german canon support service can´t get any sinful informations, but you did it.

thanks a lot
Thomas said…
I just fixed this problem in my MX860 by taking the ink cartridges and printer head out, cleaning excess ink from around the printer head with a lint-free cloth (making sure not to touch the parts where ink come out) and then re-seating the head and ink cartridges.
Crazy Mumma said…
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I too found a small piece of paper behind the printerhead where i never would have looked. my husband and i had looked in what we thought every possible space, and then i found you. and checked behind the printer head and Wha La!! LIFESAVER xxx
Twig said…
Thank you! Thank you! The replacement cartridge was not inserted properly. You're the best.
faiRy said…

thank u very much i will find to fix erroe C000
Canon Pixma mp648, u are great i can fix it and can use my print again....
Rick15 said…
I received error C000 and ound a recently replaced ink tank was not seated properly. Pushed it firmly into place and all was fixed.
Anonymous said…
I removed the print head (the carrier of the ink cartridges that is released by raising the bar around the cartridges) and cleaned it with a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol with a q-tip.
Dried it all with a dry tissue and replaced the print head and cartridges.
That did the trick.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much. This saved me from buying a new printer. I looked inside and found a paperclip behind the ink cartridges. Once I removed it the printer worked again.
janine said…
Thanks! saved me taking my printer to be repaired. I discovered a cartridge wasn't 'quite' pushed in all the way. So worth taking another look:)
Errors on printing can really result in serious inconveniences and it is great to know that there are fixes that can offer solutions. Thanks for sharing a valuable tip. I'll be looking forward for more interesting posts from your blog.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, paper was jammed up inside printer. has never happened in 6 years.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much!!
You just fixed my printer.
Oh how I love people like you.
David Lvov said…
Adrian said…
Another happy person. It was a paper jam for me. Why could Canon's error message have been clearer?

Thank you.
sylvia anne said…
thank you, this was right on. many blessings to you.
Noa Zingher said…
this error code is happening on my MX895 as soon as I plugged it in (brand new). Tried checking for cartridges and foreign objects but nothing. Any suggestions?
Jann Lassalle said…
Hi Noa,

Are you sure there is any protective equipement in the printer ?
Anonymous said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't notice that I had dislodged the yellow print cartridge when I replaced the magenta one! Simple fix.
Anonymous said…
Thank you! From your post I checked the insides of my Pixma MX882 & discovered that the replacement cartridge wasn't snapped all the way in. Even though the posts are about other models, this was the fix on mine too. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Opened the lid dug around in the hidden areas and there was a straggling piece of paper! I had all but unscrewed the whole machine before! Thank you again this saved my day and my pocket from buying another printer!
Georges said…
I think you're all people working for canon companies telling so much liars ! i would make a therapy myself for such paranoia...
Andy Pryke said…
What worked for me was switching the printer off, opening the cover to the position where you can change the ink cartridges, and turning it on. It then ejected a sheet of paper. Once it had stopped making all the "switch on noises" I closed the cover and it worked. Could be co-incidence of course, but it worked for me.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have removed the printer head with all the cartridge , then put them back. In both cases when I power up the set (printerhead/cartridge) goes on the right heading the right side with a big noise and then goes back in the middle and the error message appears. Thanks for your support
Jann Lassalle said…

Look carefully inside the printer: chek the purge unit on the right for no tiny object or sheet of paper.
If there is nothing, the purge unit could be defective.

(Try too the advise of Andy Pryke above)
MsO said…
Cleaning the printhead was a solution for me. This printer has been a workhorse for me for several years and I really didn't like the thought of getting used to another one.
Anonymous said…
Tried to get to the Cannon info, couldn't. Found your site, thanks to the other posts, I looked behind where the cartridges go and more paper jammed where it was difficult to see. Thank you, thank you!
John Selby said…
Like many of your respondents, I thought I had cleared the paper jam but found a small piece I had missed in the rollers behind the print head. I agree with one of your commenters that the error message is unhelpful and would add that the Canon onscreen manual for my MG 5350S is useless. It doesn't even list this error. Thank you, though I wish I had looked at your site before going to bed - I would have slept better!
Andy Pryke said…
I still get this error fairly frequently. The service manual for the Canon MX860 is available here:

For the error C000 it says: "Drive Switch Error", "Drive was not switched properly",
"(1) Foreign material or paper debris in the drive switch area;
remove foreign material.
(2) Ink tank conditions;
confirm that the ink tanks are seated properly, or re-set the ink tanks properly.
(3) Part replacement:
- Carriage unit
- Purge drive system unit
- ASF unit "

If anyone has any more tips or can make more sense of the service manual, I'd love to hear!

Anonymous said…
Thankyou so much for your practical advice. Sure enough, one of the printer ink cartridges wasn't sitting properly.
Anonymous said…
yep, similar issue, it was a cartridge issue, re set them and printer ok!!
Anonymous said…
Hello. I have a Canon Pixma MG5350 with the C000 error message which prevents me doing anything. Tried switching off/on and checked basically for paper jams.

My ink cartridge carrier, which was my next thing to try, isn't putting itself into an open position whereby I can check that the cartridges are all tucked in properly.

Before I throw this 2 year old machine out of the window, can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
Anonymous said…
This worked for me, just opened lid and pushed down the cartridge and the error code went off!!! thank you so much.
Ronnie Luke said…
its very informative content for every one, I am even in the Ink cartridges industry since 2003, So I knew every thing, full of the day call coming regarding printer cartridges issue, So many of them that you share here, I was looking same problem for my client so search on google find it, informative and step by step guides, We are going to bookmark your blogs for sharing my client issue, We hope looks more content like this on another issue.

Thanks you.

Ronnie Luke
Paul Adam said…
Thanks for sharing valuable information with you. I keep coming on it, because Find valuable text to fix the printer error Issue.


Anonymous said…
Problem resolved.

Printer cartridge not fully inserted - the one next to the one I'd just changed.

Many thanks.

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