Error Code 6502 on Canon printers

Error Code 6502 appears generally after changing a cartridge.

Solution 1:
  • Unplug the printer.
  • Remove the faulty Cartridge
  • Plug in the printer and press and hold power button
  • Keep it held down. Press Resume twice, and this should reset the fault.

Solution 2:
  • The last cartridge installed may be faulty.
  • Install a new cartridge

Solution 3:
  • When error is indicated, turn power switch off so green light is extinguished.
  • Hold down resume button and hold down power button so both are held down at same time
  • When green light comes on, continue holding down power button and let resume button go, then press resume button twice.
  • Let power button go.
  • Press resume button four times, power button should be released before doing this.
  • Wait until printer settles down, if power is off, turn on. If power will not come on, remove power cord from back of printer, then wait 15 seconds before plugging back in again and turn power on.

Solution 4 (thanks to Anniina for the tip !):
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Remove all ink cartridges.
  • Plug cord back in and turn the printer on.
  • Replace all ink cartridges.
Solution 4a (Thanks to Vis8):
  • Lift the bottom part of the door (open)
  • When the cartridge carriage comes to the center, remove all cartridges
  • turn off the power
  • Turn on the power
  • After the printer initialized, the cartridge carriage will come to the center again
  • Replace the cartridges
  • Close door

Solution 5:
  • Sometimes a waste ink pad reset solves the problem


    prestige said...

    Thanks alot. this method works!!!

    Edward Lorence said...

    Tried 10 times. Orange light is still flashing, printer will not work. Canon PG-5BK/CL-8 cartridge. Error mesaages 6502. I'm dead in the water. Never happened before. Have a stock of cartridges that I can't use.

    Mike Oncley said...

    I'm in the same boat as edward

    LEH said...

    Hi Mike and Edward,

    Two more solutions are added above.

    Good luck !

    Unknown said...

    Where is the resume button on Canon MG6250?

    Anonymous said...

    Hahahaha... solution 3 is like the "secret cheat code" to make the printer work. If only it did....

    Anniina said...

    None of these worked for me, but this is what did:

    1. Unplug the power cord.
    2. Remove all ink cartridges.
    3. Plug cord back in & turn printer on.
    4. Put all ink cartridges in.

    That worked on mine; I hope it does on yours.

    Nguyên Phát Lê said...

    Hi guy, after several try, this is my conclusion:
    The printer head contact is dirty, try to clean it
    The "ink level detector" on each ink cartridge has problem to contact, try to clean it
    The "secrect cheat code" is offical for all Canon Pixma, it reset the printer "boot" process
    After all if still non-working, try some old-ink cartridges and see what happens, if possible (i didn't tested yet but i thinks it works), try to replace the "ink detector" on each cartridge

    MeroA said...

    I'm using CISS with cartridges with auto reset chip on my iP4700. The 6502 error occurred after I was removing the air gaps in the CISS tubing. "Solution 3" worked for me. At the end I had to power off the printer, unplug the power cord, wait 15-20 seconds, plug the power cord and printer powered on normally.

    Anonymous said...

    Anniina method worked on my MG6150

    Anonymous said...

    There is only one solution to this problem.....NEVER EVER BUY A
    It's shit!...It never works properly...Always malfunctions.
    Get you a Brother, Lexmark or
    Epson...they work and are cheaper too.


    Anonymous said...

    Anniina's solution worked for me too! Thank you.

    Agt Pirrone said...

    I don't know which metod work. But the last combination I tried was 6 times the Reset button. and now my printer is working again. (I put the cartridges out and in again, but didn't unplug in between. Only unplugged before the button combination)

    So.. if 4 times doesn't work try 6.

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    Anonymous said...

    this did it for me:

    gem6ten said...

    My problem, besides the error code, is that I can't access the ink cartridges to remove them! I tried turning off, unplugging, turning back on . . . but nothing brings the ink cartridges within reach.

    Luis Fernando Silva said...

    Hi guys!I´m having trobles with this printer!HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!I´ve the full reset chips... It´s worse now ...

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, found it in a youtube video... doing a ciss installation there might be too much light if the printer is 'forced' oped. Close it and try again. Helped me with my ciss and the MG5650.

    sueymem said...

    I'm having the same problem with multiple unsuccessful attempts of above solutions and new color cartridge.

    Vis8 said...

    Method #4 worked. Try this first.
    1. Lift the bottom part of the door (open)
    2. When the cartridge carriage comes to the center, remove all cartridges
    3. turn off power
    4. Turn on power
    5. After the printer initialized, the cartridge carriage will come to the center again
    6. Replace all cartridges
    7. close door

    You will be OK

    Kim Davis said...

    I'm getting this error as well, but can't fix it because after taking the printer apart have found that a white plastic piece inside the printer is broken. I don't know how this happened, but the outer door wouldn't shut yesterday. If this happens to you, don't waste your time, as the paper won't feed with broken pieces.

    Anonymous said...

    I got error 6502 when testing a printer with casing removed. Finally I found that cartridge lights were not properly recognized by optical sensor due to external light. Error was removed by applying darkness during cartridge recognition.
    Of course thats no "normal" situation but it demonstrates that cartridge lights are detected, probably as a check for genuineness. So possible reasons for error 6502 may be broken cartridge lights, bad contacts at cartridge, obstacles at optical sensor and bad quality replica cartridges.

    Unknown said...

    6502 replacement of all ink
    .worked fine then code came up

    bukan atheis said...

    Mbuh ora ngarti

    Drivers Canon said...

    Thanks for the solutions.

    Solution 3 is usually more I use

    Best regards