Xerox phaser 8550 & 8560: error code 09,038.46

  • Turn off the printer. Turn on the printer.
  • As soon as you see XEROX start moving across the display, hold down the back and help buttons until you see "beginning service mode" on the display.
  • Release the buttons, it will now come up in the service mode.
  • Scroll down to the function menu, hit ok, scroll to clear isc fault, hit ok. 
  • Hit the back button to get back to the first menu then exit diagnostics, hit ok when it asks if you want to restart in customer mode.


manowar9 said...

Thanks! Fixed my issue! :)

mbc said...

You are the BOMB...thanks millions (or at least the amount of an Xerox service call)

Steve said...

Thank you so much!! Totally worked.

Rosea said...

Hi my Phaser 8550 is showing error code 28,035.42 ; 141501. I am wondering if any one has any idea what that is and how to fix.

Thank u!

Anonymous said...

hello, my phaser 8560 is appearing to segyuinte message "Printer error''
09,038.46 code and tried to do the above procedure except that nothing happened.
what should I do?

Thank you!

Justin Awasthi said...

OMG!!!! It worked!! Other sites were saying I need to replace the ink loader!!

thank you soon much!!