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How to solve error 000041 on Epson printers

Error 000041 appears frenquently after you have replace one or several cartridges. Here are some solutions to fix this issue. Solution 1 : Check that your cartridges are correctly installed. Solution 2 : Press and hold on the "Stop" button for 30 seconds. Solution 3 : The error 000041 could be a paper jam in some case. Check carrefully inside the printer for a little sheet of paper or some little object.

How to replace the Paper Feed Kit on Brother printers MFC-7420, MFC-7820, DCP-7010, DCP-7020 and DCP-7025

Here is a video showing the procedure to replace the Paper Feed Kit inc Pickup Roller and Separation Pad LM6291001 for printers Brother MFC-7420, MFC-7820, DCP-7010, DCP-7020 and DCP-7025.

Printer Canon Maxify MB2050

Downloads : Divers and manuals Cartridges : PGI-1500XLBK: Cartridge black Noire XL (1200 sheets) 9182B001 PGI-1500XLC: Cartridge Cyan XL (935 sheets) 9183B001 PGI-1500XLM: Cartridge Magenta XL (935 sheets) 9184B001 PGI-1500XLY: Cartridge Yellow XL (935 sheets) 9185B001 PGI-1500XLCMYBK : Pack Cartridges Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow XL 9182B004 Parts: QY6-0087 : Printhead QK2-0205 : Power supply Dépannage : Error B204 Error code 5B00 : you have to do a reset of the printer (try the procedure in the video bellow)

How to solve error B204 on Canon Maxify printers

The error B204 could happen after a cartridge replacement. First of all, when installing, remove the cartridges from the plastic package, but do not drill any plastic membranes, as this will cause this error when placing the cartridge. The error may also appear if you change a completely empty cartridge: when installing a full cartridge, the printer enters a cleaning cycle, but the printhead has not yet received ink from the newly inserted cartridge. Here are some tips to cancel this error B204:: Solution 1: Remove the cartridges Power the printer for 2 minutes Switch on the printer Install the cartrdiges Solution 2: Switch on the printer Unplug  the power cable Open the cover Move the print head carriage manually to the usual place where it goes for the cartridge change (If the printhead carriage is not movable, reconnect and then turn on the printer, then unplug it again when the head carriage is in the moving position). Change the cartridges. Close the fr

Printer Epson EcoTank L382

Téléchargements : Drivers and downloads Consommables : T6641: Cartridge black T664 4000 Sheets T6642: Cartridge  cyan Epson T664 65000 Sheets T6643: Cartridge  magenta Epson T664 65000 Sheets T6644: Cartridge  yellow Epson T664 65000 Sheets Troubleshooting : How to reset the waste ink counter (message error "ink pads are at the end of their service life"): Solution 1: Step 1: Power off the printer Step 2: Press and hold on the reset button at the back of the printer with a paper clip or the tip of a pencil. Step 3: Power on the printer by pressing and holding the power button Step 4: After 5 seconds, the printer will print a sheet. Then, release the two buttons. Solution 2 : You have to buy a key to do the reset ( resetkey for exemple)

How to solve error E015-0001 on Canon i-SENSYS MF series printers

Here are some solutions to solves error code 015-0001 on printers Canon i-SENSYS MF623C, MF8350Cdn, mf9280cdn, etc Solution 1 : Description Developing roller release operation defect After the specified time from rotating the main motor for the developing roller depress/release, the output of the developing home position sensor does not change. Causes: Developing home position sensor defect, Main motor defect, DC controller PCB defect Remedy: Check the connector of the developer home position sensor, main motor, DC controller PCB  Replace the developer home position sensor Replace the main motor  Replace the DC controller PCB Solution 2 : Cassette 1 lift-up errorAfter lift-up of the Lifting Plate of the cassette of the host machine started, ON status of the Lifter Sensor of the cassette of the host machine was not detected within the specified period of time. Remedy. While the cassette of the host machine is removed, turn ON the power and insert the cass

How to reset waste ink counter on Brother MFC-J460DW MFC-J480DW MFC-J485DW printers

Here are two solutions to reset the waste ink counter on Brother printers MFC-J460DW MFC-J480DW MFC-J485DW: Solution 1 : 1. Press Settings. 2. Press a or b to select the following: a. Select [Initial Setup]. Press OK. b. Select [Reset]. Press OK. c. Select the reset option you want to use. Press OK. 3. Press 1 for [Yes] to confirm. 4. Press 1 for [Yes] to reboot the machine Solution 2 : Clear the screen with the stop/exit button Hit the settings button (wrench) enter the following 5 keys * 2 8 6 4 use the down arrow until you come to the purge followed by some numbers. Press 2 7 8 and 3 I got a ‘cannot detect’ message, and the stop/exit button didn’t work so then I did step 7 and got out press 9 and then 9 again machine reboots and page count is clear

Orange light remains on Canon Pixma MG5xxx printers

If the orange light is on, try these tips: Solution 1 : Check the cartridges: they must no be empty Check the paper too in the paper tray. Solution 2 : Power off and unplug the printer for a day Plug back et switch on Solution 3 : Power off and unplug the printer Press the power button, and without release it, plug back the power cable. Solution 4 : Power off and unplug the printer Press the power button for one minute Plug back the power cable. If the problem persist, the main board could be defective

list of transfer roller or fuser film to fix printer fuser

Brother : LM4009001 : DCP-7010, DCP-7010L, DCP-7025, Fax 2820, Fax 2825, Fax 2920, HL-2030 Series, HL-2035 Series, HL-2040 Series, HL-2070N, MFC-7220, MFC-7225N, MFC-7420, MFC-7820N MSP2800: Brother Laser Printer HL5450DN HL5440D HL5450 HL6180DWT HL5450DNT HL5470DW HL6180DW HL5450D HL5470DWT , Brother Multifunction MFC8520DN MFC8950DW MFC8510DN DCP8250DN DCP8110DN MFC8910DW MFC8912DW MFC8710DW MFC8950DWT MFC8712DW DCP8155DN DCP8157DN MFC8512DN MFC8952DWT MFC8515DN MFC8952DW Canon : ASLELJ1300 : i-SENSYS MF3220 RM1-7541-FILM: Canon i-SENSYS LBP 6650DN LBP 6310DN LBP 6300DN, Canon Laser Printers LBP-6670dn LBP-6680 LBP-6600, Canon COPY IR1133A IR1133 IR1133IF, Canon imageClass MF4770n FM2-5296 : Canon COPY IR1024 IR1018 IR1020 IR1019 IR1022 IR1023 IR1025, Canon i-SENSYS FAX-L3000 FM3-3653-FILM : Canon COPY IR 2016 IR 2018 IR 2318 IR 2120J IR 2520 IR 2800 IR 2420 IR 2870 IR 2116J IR 3320 IR 2530 IR 2320 IR 2020 IR 2022 IR 2025 IR 2030 IR 2120S IR

How to replace the transfer roller on HP laserjet Pro 400 printer

Here is the procedure te replace the old transfer roller ( RM1-9175 ) with the new one on these HP printers: LaserJet Pro 400 M401a M401dn M401dw M401n M425dn et M425dw. Do not touch the black surface of the new roller.. Step 1 : Open the cover to remove the toner Step 2 : (see picture below) In the toner slot, lift and hold the hinged metal plate ( -1- in the picture) While holding the metal plate up, release the 2 black plastic tabs (-2- in the picture) Pull the black plastic sleeve up until it is free, then slide the transfer roller (-3- in the picture) up and to the right to remove it. Step 3 : Insert the black plastic sleeve onto the tip of the new transfer roller, then first install the left end of the transfer roller, followed by the right end of the transfer roller and the locking of the black plastic ring.