How to solve error code "13.10.00" on HP printers laserjet and Business inkjet

Solution 1:
  • Take a stiff folder and cut it to 5" accross and feed it up the channel first on the left side and then on the right side. Odds there is still a shred of paper in the paper path.
Solution 2 (13.10.00 Jam inside duplexer/left door):
  • A jam has occurred in the reversing area. The leading edge of the media did not reach the reversed paper sensor in the duplexer within the required time. 
  • Open the cover and remove the jam from the indicated area. 
  • Close the door and allow the printer to attempt to clear the jam. 
  • Remove the duplexer and check for any obstructions in it. 
  • Clean the duplex rollers . 
  • Check the diverter for any damage. 
  • Replace the duplexer.

Solution 3 (13.10.00 Jam inside left or lower left door.):
  • The page from the turnaround path did not reach the duplexer-jam sensor,SR1. 
  • Open the left side door and remove the jam. 
  • Remove the duplexer and check the duplexer-jam sensor, SR1 for correct functionality. 
  • Check for paper or other obstructions to the paper path in the duplexer and between the fuser and the duplexer. 
  • Check the turnaround path between the fuser and the standard face-down output bin. 
  • Check that the duplexer locks securely into place when installed.


Anonymous said...

Diagnostic code 13.10.00 on HP4700dn caused by diverter flap sticking.

My HP Color Laserjet 4700dn (51k pages old) kept jamming on the first duplex page it tried to print every morning, or after a long idle period. Single-sided pages were OK, and duplex pages were OK after I had cleared the first jam every morning. The first sheet of paper always went down as it came out of the duplexer, instead of going up to be pulled back in. The jam left the paper sticking halfway out of the duplexer, printed on one side only.

It turns out that the diverter flap was getting stuck to its plastic stops when the printer sat idle overnight. If you open the top cover of the duplex unit and push down the diverter (black plastic flap) with your finger, it should push down easily and spring back up. Mine was resisting before going down.

The diagnostic menu showed lots of code 13.10.00 errors ("duplex turn around, paper late jam").

Solution: I used a toothbrush to clean the plastic stops that the diverter rests against, and put some WD-40 on the stops and the diverter hinges.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! Same issue here!