How to solve error 16H on Konica 2300, 2300DL

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the panel door exposing the toner waste container and cartridge access area.
  • Gently pry away the waste toner container from the printer.  Put the waste toner powder into a garbage bag.
  • There are two manual screws holding the transfer belt component securely. One is on the left upper part, one is on the right. They are designed to loosen, but stay attached to the transfer belt component. Flip the large blue handle with the arrow upward.
  • Look for a portuding squarish handle below the larger blue handle transfer belt component. Look caredfully at the diagram on this little handle. You must squeeze the level on the underside of this squarish handle to unlock it. Once unlocked you carefully slide this part out. Put this whole component aside for later assembly back in.
  • Carefully slide out the larger transfer belt component about 2/3 of the way out. You should see a pale green plastic handle on the top of this part. You can grab that handle to assist you to remove the part completely from the printer. At the end of sliding the component outward you will need to carefully angle the part upward because there is a metal guide track at the upper most portion of the part which will prevent the part from disengagin from the track unless you angle the part upward at the very end of the slide.
  • Examine the somewhat shiny plasticky belt to be not torn, damaged or dirty...
    Angle the transfer belt part upward (the end closest to you goes upward) and guide the part onto the metal guide track at the upper portion of the printer. Slide the component in.
    Tighten the two hand-screws. 
  • Slide the shiny green cynliner component back in. Make sure to squeeze the underside of that squarish handle at the final insertion because that permits the component to seat properly and lock in place.
  • Flip the large blue handle back into the down position as before we started this process.
  • Vacuum the two spots where the waste toner container port holes fit into. 
  • Put the waste toner container back into position.
  • Close the door.
  • Turn on the printer.

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