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System Error 08:11 on HP Designjet 500 and 800 series

MAJ 13/11/15
Here is the procedure to solve the error 08:11 on HP Designjet 500 and 800 printers:

First, verify the printer's current Firmware release and upgrade as needed.

  1. Turn the printer off then on and attempt to recreate the error message.
  2. If no error appears, attempt to verify functionality. If the error re-appears, continue with the remaining steps.
  3. Turn the printer off and disconnect the data cables (parallel and/or network), leaving the power cable connected.
  4. Turn the printer on, if the error re-appears continue with the remaining steps. If no error, verify functionality as instructed below (troubleshoot data cables, file(s), computer port type, etc).
  5. Check all the connections on the Interconnect PCA and Electronics module (refer to pg. 8-7, 8-8 of the 500/800 Series Service Manual). If problems noticed and corrected, attempt to verify functionality before continuing with the remaining steps.

    WARNING: To prevent possible injury, always remove the power cable from the back of the printer before connecting/disconnecting any internal printer cables or performing any repairs.

  1. If no problems are noticed or the error persists, replace the Front panel assembly (refer to pg. 8-9 of the 500/800 Series Service Manual).
  2. Following replacement, attempt to verify functionality. If problems persist, continue with the remaining steps.
  3. Replace the Interconnect PCA and Interconnect PCA cable (refer to pg. 8-50 of the 500/800 Series Service Manual).
  4. Following replacement, attempt to verify functionality. If problems persist, continue with the remaining steps.
  5. Replace the Electronics module (refer to pg. 8-24 of the 500/800 Series Service Manual).
  6. Verify printer functionality.

Verifying printer functionality:

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. Allow initialization to complete.
  3. Load media into the printer.
  4. From the main front-panel menu, select the Ink menu and press ENTER.
  5. Select Troubleshooting and press ENTER.
  6. Follow the instructions on the front panel.
  7. Following a successful troubleshooting plot, printer functionality has been verified.


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