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Error 993 with Lexmark C710

This error code indicates the cam sensor has not bee activated. The sensor activates when the fuser dirve motor turns the cam disk.

If the fuser drive motor does not turn on, or the drive parts are not operating:

- Check the fuser assembly internal drive gears for binding, or broken or worn teeth. If a
problem exists, repair or replace the fuser assembly.
Remove the fuser drive motor from the stay assembly, leaving the motor cable connected
to the motor. Turn the printer on, but do not allow the motor to touch other areas of the
printer. Verify the motor turns during POR.
- Check the motor for shorts between the case and each motor winding. If a short is found,
replace the motor.
- Check the motor for open windings. If found, replace the motor.
- Check continuity of the fuser motor/paper feed motor/carriage unit motor cable. If incorrect, replace the cable, if correct, replace the engine board.
- Check the fuser drive gears, gears C3-1, C3-2, the clutch spring, motor drive gear, gear C2 and C4 for signs of chipped gear teeth, worn parts, or improper operation. If problems are found, repair as necessary.
- Check the cam gears and solenoid for proper operation and signs of broken or worn gear teeth or damaged parts. If found, repair or replace the motor mounting stay assembly.

If the fuser drive motor turns and appears to be operating properly, and the cam is turning:

Be sure the cam sensor is mounted correctly and locked into place.
- Check the following voltages on the cam sensor:
Voltage Disc in Disc Out
1 (Orange) +5 V dc +5 V dc +5 V dc
2 (Brown) -CCSENS +5 V dc 0 V dc
3 (Green) GND 0 V dc 0 V dc
If the voltage on Pin 1 is incorrect, check the cable. If incorrect, replace the cable. If the cable is good, replace the following FRU's in the order shown: Cam sensor, Engine board, SN cable.

If the fuser drive motor turns and appears to be operating properly, and the cam is not turning:

- Check the solenoid for proper operation, making sure it picks during POR cycle. Disconnect the solenoid and check the resistance on the solenoid cable. It should measure approximately 65 ohms. If incorrect, replace the solenoid.
- Check the voltages on the solenoid cable connector.
- Check the following voltages on the contact cam solenoid cable connector:
Pin # Signal Voltage Voltage
Voltage Static Picked
1 (Red) +24 V dc +24 V dc +24 V dc
2 (Black) -SL2ON +24 V dc 0 V - +24 V dc
If incorrect, replace the cable. If correct, replace the engine board.
- Check the clutch spring, clutch boss, clutch disk and gear C4 for signs of wear, broken teeth or binds. Repair or replace the motor mounting stay assembly if a problem is found.

- check the cleaner pad is not jammed in too tight. Replace the fuser drive block 12G1348.


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