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Error U043 on Canon printers

This error appears on these models: Canon Pixma MP500, MP610, MP830, MP640, MP800, MP530...

Solution 1:
  • Press and hold the Stop/reset button for 5-10 sec then release.

Solution 2:
  • Clean the electrical contacts on the chip of the cartridge. 

Solution 3: 
  • Replace the faulty cartirdge.


Marcia said…
Where do I find the cartridge?
Unknown said…
I replaced all ink carts with OEM, cleaned printhead and check'd elec contacts--still getting U043 code
pmmc said…
When I removed the ink tanks in response to this code, found that there was an accumulation of ink on the contacts in the print cartridge, which I assume was short circuiting the chip reader. When I cleaned out this ink using 3 or 4 cotton tips, the error message stopped.
tripleb99 said…
Check the actual pins on the front of the cartridge carrier, they might be bent. If so, ever so slightly bend them back to the original position. If they are broken, contact Canon. You'll probably be buying a new printer.
Alm1ghty55 said…
I have the same problem on a Canon MP830. I've replaced the print head four times. I've cleaned the print heads with contact cleaner. I've cleaned the tanks contacts. I've cleaned the contacts in the printer where the tanks contacts make contact and it still won't work. What's next other than throwing the whole thing in the garbage? Can I replace the logic board for cheap?
Jann Lassalle said…
Hi Alm1ghty55,

Have you replaced the cartridges ?
Alm1ghty55 said…
Reread what I just posted then post something that I can use. Your saying all five tanks have failed simultaneously! I highly doubt that. These tanks were brand new. After two weeks of usage suddenly the printer stopped seeing all five tanks. The next step is replace the logic board.
Kirk Hartley said…
Time to sue Cannon for defective printers !!!!!
Anonymous said…
as PMMC said
When I removed the ink tanks in response to this code, found that there was an accumulation of ink on the contacts in the print cartridge, which I assume was short circuiting the chip reader. When I cleaned out this ink using 3 or 4 cotton tips, the error message stopped.

I did the same. Worked like a charm. Thank you
Tracie Carter said…
Cleaning with a Qtip did the trick! Thank you!!!

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