How to fix error C0084 on Epson C1100, C2000 printers

(Service Required 0084)

Error C0084 on Epson C1100, C2000, C8500 printers is a temporary "data error":

  • A corrupted or interrupted print job.
  • A data or interface cable that is not connected correctly.
  • A lot of documents have been sent to print.

Solution 1:
  • Disconnect the printer from the data source
  • Verify if the printer pass its ROM, RAM and Self Test checks?
  • Print a Status Sheet to test the printer standalone.
  • Cancel all pending print jobs on the network or computer
  • Reseat and reconnect the data cable at both ends
  • Test the printer

Solution 2:
  • Replace the memory

Links about Epson Aculaser C1100:

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