Fixing error U072 on Canon printers

Solution 1:
  • Open the cover
  • Remove the cartridges.
  • Power off the printer
  • Power on the printer
  • Réinstall the cartridges
  • Close the cover.
Solution 2:
  •  Verify that the ink tank are installed in the appropriate positions.
  • Change the faulty cartridge
Solution 3:


Yossi said...

sorry, didn't work for me. Dead in the water....

Anonymous said...

this worked for me:
turn off your printer, and wait for 10 or more minutes and turn it back on again.

I am using a non-canon cartridge.
Canon MX882.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the hints,
for me worked solution 2 :-)
I don´t know why, but after the second changing of the new magenta cartridge, the printer again worked fine. *phhh*