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Error 6000 or P03 on Canon printers

MAJ 04/09/15

Error code 6000, P03 or E23 is a line feed error. It also should be flashing 3 times for this error on the on/off button.
You can have this error on these printers: MP140, MP150, MP160, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP830, MP540, MP620, MP550, MP560, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MG2100, MG3100, MG4100, MG5100, MP640, MP990, MG5200, MG5300, MG6100, MG6200, MG8100, MG8200,

Solution 1:
  • Verify that the paper tray is correctly set.
  • If any object is placed in front of the machine, remove it.

Solution 2:
  • Search for any small pieces of paper in the printer, or a tiny object.

Solution 3:
  • Power off the printer
  • Wait 5 minute
  • Power on. 

Solution 4:
  • Clean the encoder strip with a soft cloth
Solution 4a:

Solution 5: one of these parts could be faulty:
  • Timing sensor unit QM2-2683
  • Timing slit disk film QC1-6229
  • Feed roller ass'y QL2-0925
  • Platten unit QM2-2923
  • Logic board ass'y QM2-3078
  • Paper feed motor QK1-1502


Anonymous said…
Thank's it works for me, a piece of paper jam on timing slit disk film
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip. When I opened it to look for a piece of paper stuck inside, I noticed grease on the timing slit disk film. I cleaned it and all is OK.
my printer is not printing.. every time I turn it on it has a loud sound came from some where.. i checked it if it has piece of paper but none... Please help me
Anonymous said…
Great advise! We had two elastics jammed down in there and when we surgically removed them the printer worked again! Thanks!
Michelle Williams BMT, CA said…
Thank you, my book was hanging over the edge and the shelf couldn't open. SO EZ! Thank you again.
Anonymous said…
Worked, some pieces of paper jammed somehow and stuck half under the paperfeeder.
Anonymous said…
I got the 6000 error over and over but could find nothing.
What solved it ?
The door had not been opening automatically, I opened the front paper door manually and the error was gone and printing.

Anonymous said…
I've tried all of the suggestions but it still won't clear! Frustrated.... Stupid printer!
Anonymous said…
got a 6000 error msg overand over untill i cleaned out the print head with cleaning alcohol and a good blow out with a blower
Anonymous said…
Papier uithalen. Het ding afzetten, opnieuw opzetten, een beetje stof vegen, opnieuw afzetten, opnieuw opzetten en dan werkte het.
Anonymous said…
I had the same problem and it was frustrating because nothing appeared jammed?
I tried power down and power back up again but the same fault appeared
However I noticed a previous post and you MUST leave it over 1 minute before powering back up!
Hey presto all is good!
We are trying to install it, brand new, and it is giving this error. It hasn't had paper in yet, obviously not dust etc.
What do we do now?
Jann Lassalle said…
Hi Brenda,

Chek for any piece of packaging inside. If the error still persist, call the Canon support for exchange.
Anonymous said…
I did what the second Anonymous did! Rubbed off the grease part and IT WORKED!!! so so so happy! thank youuu :) yay! don't have to bring it to the shop!
Anonymous said…
Bless your cotton socks! Simple advice can make the world of difference to a busy working mother! A bit of paper stuck down the side which I didn't notice until I peered around a bit more. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Suddenly, my printer won't scan or copy. It'll print, but won't scan or copy, and I receive the Error 6000.
AlleahF said…
Hi there. I'm pretty much thinking my problem is actually a faulty part. When it turns on normally the roller thing rolls... now it starts to roll but then stalls and make a weird sound. Is it really viable to change a part yourself? Or is it time to move on. I've had this printer for a long time.
Jann Lassalle said…
Hi AlleahF,

Try solution 3 here:

If problem persist, then a part maybe defective.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much! Paper jam removed and now working removed!
Glad I checked before ordering a new one
Jezza said…
FINALLY FIXED IT!!! No paper jam, no overhanging items, no other obstructions, power disconnected for 5 mins didn't help either.
I opened the section that you normally open to initiate printer cartridge replacement and noticed a build-up of black ink on the right hand side toward the back. Cleaned it off and bingo. Would be nice if Canon could supply some more helpful support information, i.e. check this, check that, check here, check there, etc. (MX926 Printer)
Anonymous said…
Found a small piece of paper hiding in there! removed it and now it works like a charm
mado said…
Really frustrating as haven't used it much ..and then all of a sudden it was grabbing three or more papers at a time. I pulled it apart to try fix but it is now in the rubbish bin. I wish things were built to last :(
Anonymous said…
Follow ur instruction and DONE !! Printer error coz by paper jam!
Thank u so much
Anonymous said…
Thanks for suggestions. Got 6000 error and power didn't help and print carriage was stuck to the right side. After reading all the suggestions about a piece of something stuck somewhere I unplugged everything and got it where I could see. Found a paper jam in the rear roller. It seems that the printer apparently fed two pages instead of one and the two pages got stuck back there when it tried to duplex to the second side or something (as one of the sides of one of the pages had print on it). Didn't even realize I could pull all that stuff out of the back to get to that roller but glad I poked around.
Anonymous said…
took out paper tray, lifted printer up and there were two jammed pieces of paper. Don't think that an error 6000 was very informative when it could have told me about a jam. Thank you for such a simple fix.

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