Service Call Error E50 on Brother HL-1650/1850/1870N

Solution 1:
  • Depressing the "Go" and "Set" buttons simultaneously while turning on the power.
  • Continue to depress the "Go" and "Set" buttons until the LED display shows "Go Test Mode". Release the "Go" and "Set" buttons.
  • Depress only the "Go" button again and the printer will start normally.

Solution 2: there are caked ink and dust on a wire connection that touches the grey roller of the fuser.
  • Remove the electrical cord from the back of copier. 
  • Remove bottom tray. 
  • Remove the smaller tray that comes out the back that has a LTR/A4 lever. 
  • Open front of machine to take out toner and drum. Leave open. 
  • Take off top cover (4 screws and two wire jacks to unplug). 
  • Remove screw on back right side near bottom. 
  • Remove screw on front left near bottom that holds left side cover. 
  • Remove screw on back left near bottom (it holds a piece in the back and the side cover). 
  • Slightly pull out that back, left plastic piece and wiggle things around to get the left side cover off. That back left piece that didn't come out all the way has a plastic tit holding it in. To be able to press that tit is why the side cover is removed. Press tit and pull the back left piece out while wiggling things around to get the 3 plastic pieces in the back to all come out. This exposes the fuser. 
  • Reomove the two wire jack connections.
  • Remove the two screws holding fuser in. One of those screws is big with a spring. 
  • Find the 2 black wires on the fuser leading to the problem piece. Remove the single screw holding it in. 
  • Pull it out and clean the wire connections.

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