How to fix error code 980 on OKI printers

The printer is permanently flashing (all 3 LEDs).
Message "fatal internal error" with the error code 980

Solution 1:
  • Error 980 means that the error by media clinging to the fuser and the fuser is required to be replaced.

Solution 2:
  • Take out the Fuser and lay the two blue levers flat and remove them.
  • Remove the two silver screws and separate the casing.
  • Remove the two black screws from the connector at the bottom of the fuser closest to the edge.
  • Unravel and loosen the wires so you can pull that connector out a few inches so you can get a couple of wires in there.
  • Insert a wire into each of the two holes on the back of that connector. 2 and 3 have wires going in, 4 and 5 dont which is the fuse. After you get the wires in the 2 holes, check for continuity from the end of the wires and the terminals if you can. Make sure the wires are long enough to hang out the case. Use the thinnest wires you can find.
  • Run the wires out of the case and put the case back together and put the fuser in. Twist the two wires together and power up the machine. As soon as you here the first motor, which is about 5 seconds, pull the wires apart, you just reset the fuser back to 100% and cleared the "980" Fatal Error. 
  • Video:


Iron It said...

You can replace the fuser but this won't always clear the error, the above method may work but seems an awful lot of work
Contact OKI via the website, they will reply with instructions on how to download and install Oki storage device manager. Once this is installed you can use it to send a .pjl file to the printer which clears the error.

Anonymous said...

I repaired oki c5800 980 error like author said, I put two wires inside fuser unit, on the white two free pins.. then I power on the printer and waited for first motor sound, then I released the wires (timing is critical)

Anonymous said...

I have the software to send a pjl file, can you tell me the pjl to send to erase the error 980 in Oki C5700 please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To Iron, my MC361 had an error 980.
I replaced the fuser.
I asked OKI support to help me clear the 980 error. They won't help you.
OKI support told me to go service the printer at an OKI certified repair shop!!. I guess OKI support is like those car dealers who ask $80 to replace a burned light bulb when all you can easily do it yourself... it is all about money, not helping the customer.
Never heard anything from OKI about a pjl file

viridens said...

I don't understand how this can work. The connections are made to unused pins. Surely the 2 pins you need to link to would be connected to the blown fuse you are trying to simulate?

I have a MC561 (fits many other models too) fuser in front of me. The pinout is different.
The connectors are 4 large pins to the heater at the bottom, and a smaller connector above - 4 pins on the right, 2 connected to wires into roller,
5 pins on the left, 4 connected to thermistor on stalk. one pair read about 180K, the other pair open circuit. Maybe this is where the fuse was...
Can anyone confirm this?

I have a pjl '980 fix' file for an older model. Are these pjl files universal for all OKIs?

Anonymous said...

the wiring notes do not match c511 connector

Anonymous said...


The factory installed fuser does not have a fuse present as the printers are cycled in factory mode in the factory, and the firmware does not need to see the temporary resistance.

Replacement fusers contain a fuse on those "unused" pins to communicate with the printer that the fuser has been replaced.

Those of you that have gotten a 980 error after replacing the fuser, was the fuser BRAND NEW from a reputable source? Used fusers boxed as "New", or used fusers in general will not have the fuse, or will have an already blown fuse resulting in the 980 error.

Frank Rizzo said...

Try this: Unplug the printer. Ensure that all of the ink is out of the machine. Remove any paper. Take outside. Place in a concealed location. Apply baseball bat to printer. Repeat as necessary.

That should fix any issues with any OKI printer.

Anonymous said...

I am not seeing any unused holes. Can somebody post a photo of what I am to be looking for?

Nellah said...

I wish there was a way to upvote your comment Frank Rizzo :)

Mazen Shabbar said...

It worked for me on C711 I had paper rolled inside fuser, I got the 980 error, I took the paper out and cleaned the rollers, still got the error. I took it apart again. There were 2 unused terminals I used a twisted pair from a cat5 cable stripped 1/4 inch from the ends and inserted them in the unused ports make sure they go between the plastic wall and the metal terminal inside the hole. Tape the wires to the other wires to avoid having them pull out while you push all wires back. put it back together and in printer with wires hanging out, strip the ends and short them out while turning power on, as soon as you hear the motor go on separate the wires. it took me 2 tries but it worked.

István Palugyay said...

AMAZING FIX!!! I can't believe you've shared this info, thanks very much for it. Saved me lot of hassle. The wall ethernet cable I've used was literally plug'n'play.
Though I left the wire hanging out of the printer, you never know :)
Thanks again

Anonymous said...


I could issue this problem like this:

Restart the printer pressing down the On Line key
"Program Update Mode" appears, nothing happened overnight
Again restart, and everything works again ;)

Miks mickenson said...

any chance for a picture or video demonstration. im kinda lost which cables going where

Miks mickenson said...

cbale method works fantastic. thank you

Filme termocolante said...

any chance for a picture or video demonstration. im kinda lost which cables going where

Anonymous said...

This "fuse" trick just saved me $250. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Fits oki c330 , anyone can take a picture