Solving "general error" on Epson printers

Some lights flash on the printer with this message.

Solution 1:
  • Verify that the door is closed.

Solution 2:
  • Look inside the printer that there is no sheet of paper or tiny object.

Solution 3: try a reset:
Or (Epson Stylus Color series: 740, 760, 880...)
  • Power off the printer.
  • Remove the power cable during 1 minute and reconnect it on the printer.
  • Hold on "Paper" et "Ink" button and "Power" button.
  • When "Paper" button flash, release all buttons.
  • Press "Ink" button until lights flah several times, then release.
  • The printer begin a reset and a printhead cleaning.
  • Power off and on.
Or (Epson R300...)
  • Press and hold 'stop' 'maintenance' and 'power' buttons for about 10 seconds. A message will appear on the screen. 
  • power off and back on for reset

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ink pad reset said...

Epson printers have built in software that counts the print that you do & after a specific number of prints it stop working displaying an error message. This message will continue unless you reset the protection counter. You can unlock this problem by downloading resetting software.