Solving error 59.30 on HP Color Laserjet printers

Printers: HP CLJ 3000 series, 3600series, 3800 series, 4600 series, 4700 series, 5550 series, CP4005 series, M5035...

  • 59.30 error: an error occured with the fuser motor during startup or rotation.

Solution 1:
  • Power off the printer for 5 minutes.
  • Power on.

Solution 2:
  • Check that connectors J5008 on the fuser motor and J213 on the driver PCA are seated correctly.

Solution 3:
  • Replace the fuser

Solution 4:
  • Replace the fuser drive motor

Solution 5:
  • Take the left side cover off.
  • Look for a a small piece of paper or tiny object.

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