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Error U163 on Canon printers MX series

  • Press and hold the 'Reset' button down for 5 seconds.


Giuseppe said…
Thank you very much!
I was locked with this problem!!
Ruben said…
That Works!

T.C.I.E said…
Thank you SO much!
me said…
I pressed the red "STOP" button for a few seconds and it worked
lisabetta said…
Awesome! Perfect, I wasn't out of ink at all. Thanks so much.
Haneef said…
thank u so much
from hanyf
Laurencius said…
Thank you so much! You saved my day.
Laurencius said…
Thank you so much! You saved my day. said…
yes is work press stop 10 second and good working again. thanks u said…
good is stop 10 second on printer and finish. printer is work again.
agentsmith159 said…
Thanks. I was locked out and that worked great.
Alex said…
really! you saved my day... thanks a lot
Thank you so MUCH!

You would "THINK" the Canon MX350 or Canon Company would have had the intelligence to include this in their documentation to help the consumer - NOT, duh . . .

Would like to know WHY?
Lauren said…
Thank you so much. The STOP button worked. I am using manual refills for the black cartridge. Dont know if that is what set it off but It's working again now.
lemons737 said…
Now it won't stop saying "please wait a while" HELP
KC said…
YES! That works!! Wow!
It's there way of detecting a non Canon ink cartridge!
Thanks for the fix
-San Diego
JDom said…
YES, totally works - you ROCK! THANK YOU!
Thank you so much...I was about to get a new ink cartridge, even though the one I have is brand new!
(indonesian Language) Terimakasih banyak.. :)
Amy Hall said…
You are a life saver! I was about to throw my printer out of the window!
thank you my printer MG6270 work again after i press cancel button
Anonymous said…
pressing the red button did the trick, thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
That's work, thanks ^_^ ..
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much, was ready to buy another printer!!
Fuad Yogyakarta said…
thank you so much.. i am from indonesia - Southwest Asian. I looking for this tips. thank you.
Ernest Tang said…
Thank you. Now it says "volume unknown", but at least I can print now (a little annoying to see the messages flashing on the panel and showing up as a warning message when print; but it beats the U163 error message by miles). Also, I figure I'll need to do this again (as it is saying color ink low and black ink volume unknown) when the color ink "runs out". I actually filled the ink myself using a set of refill package bought in a local, Taiwan, shop (I use a model bought here)
Georgina said…
Thanks! This MX printer I have gives me more trouble than it actually works! Don't buy one if you don't have one!

Really helpful post!!
Anonymous said…
thanks man it works
Ernest Tang said…
for mx416, press and hold "stop" button. i have to turn printer off and back on first. my second time doing this, the first time for black ink and this time for color ink
Misanthrope said…
Thanks guys! Stupid piece of crap printer locks when one cartridge runs out even when you don't even want to print with it! On the MP630 hold 'Stop' for five seconds to reset.
Vikash said…
Thanks bro its really nice to help others.

In Pixma Canon 377 i faced same issue and this helped me ..


RainbowSongbird said…
I am so grateful for this information. I was trying to print a black and white document, but was being stopped by empty colored ink.

Anonymous said…
Bingo! Funciona mesmo. É só manter o stop apertado. Isso ocorreu porque ela não reconheceu o volume da tinta preta.
Anonymous said…
thanks ... it worked
Anonymous said…
Very helpful, pressing the 'Stop' button for a bit did the trick for me. I ran into this problem after refilling the black cartridge.
Anonymous said…
THANk YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's works! Appreciated for your great help!

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