Canon LBP2900: Error Code E100 0000

Error code E#100, ERR 100 or E100-0000 is a laser scanner unit error.

Solution 1:
  • Turn off the printer, wait 10 minutes, and then turn it on again.

Solution 2:
  • Flip open the top of the printer. 
  • Look for a small shutter that holds the laser: carefully force this open with your hands and force the laser out into the center of the tracking cradle.
  • After you move the laser, unplug the printer for a few minutes. 
  • Plug the printer back in.

Solution 3:
  • If the same error occurs, it's necessary to contact a service representative.


ziya ansar said...

how solve this error self plz give answer bcos i am machanic

LEH said...

Hi Ziya,

Try the solution 2.

driver printer said...

thanksyou sir

Pramod Songara said...

Change Scanner Unit


Thank you