How to fix error code 0x61011be5 or ox61011be5 on HP printers

General Printer Error 0x61011be5.

Appears on these printers: D7560, C309A, C5390, C6380, ...

Genraly it's a carriage jam or a printhead issue.

Solution 1: Do a reset of the printer to factory default settings
    • Verify that the unit is switched on. 
    • Disconnect the  power cable from All-in-One and also from wall outlet.
    • Wait a minute.
    • Plug in the power cable to the printer and also to wall outlet.
    • Unplug the power cable from the printer (with the printer powered on) and wait for 20 seconds.
    • Then, press and hold "#" and "6" while plugging in the power cord.
    • Release the buttons after connect power cord.

      Solution 2:
        • Open the printer and wait for the carriage to slide over
        • Remove the ink cartridges from the print head.
        • With a cotton swabs dipped in hot water, clean gently the print head and each ink cartridge, until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab.
        • Once all is dry, replace the cartridges
        • Do a print test.
        • If the error is still here: there are  two possibilities:
        • One of the ink cartridges is defective and causing the error
          The print head will need to be replaced. (CN642A)


          Anonymous said...

          1.) Download and install "Canon My Printer" then open it and click on troubleshooting till you are called to print a test page. Click yes. Then the error will appear (b200).

          2.) Do it like you always do when you want to reach to your ink cartridges then click at print at the dialog above. It will print and that helped me to solve this error.

          Sorry for my english. ^^

          Linda Smith said...

          My MX850 was 5 years old and when I turned it on it showed the B200 error. I followed all the suggestions, removed printhead, and cleaned with warm water, put in new cartridges and still got B200 error so I sent it to the recycle place. I had another printer that I had purchased for photographs so will stick with Canon. Sometimes these things just wear out.

          Anonymous said...

          It seems that solution #3 almost works,but when I'm about to print a test page,error B200 reappears.I would not hesitate to buy a new printer head for my MP 560 if I knew it would solve the problem,but supposed this doesn't work.That would mean $50.00 down the drain.