How to solve system error 86:01 0X8010003 on HP Designjet 500 and Designjet 800, 800ps

Problem description for "System Error: 86:01, 0X8010003":

That is a Carriage-Axis shutdown.

Solution 1: If this error code appeared but was not caused by a paper jam, then try the following:
  • Enter the Printer Information and check the Scan-Axis usage. 
  • If the percentage is close to 100%, then lubricate the Slider Rod (there is probably too much friction in the Slider Rod).
Solution 2: The Carriage is bumping into the Service Station.
  • If the carriage is stuck at the right hand side of the Printer and cannot be moved out to the center of the Print Platen it is because the Service Station cannot uncap the Printheads. 
  • Replace the Service Station.

Solution 3: Verify the Service Station
  • Take out the service station and make sure it run through its full range of motion by rotating the motor spindle. 
  • Check for the rods, that holds the cleaners, to be not popped out. If yes: place the rod back into its socket and reinstall it back into the system.
Solution 4: Verify the trailing cable
  • There are two versions of this cable: the old one was two cables in parallel. Some times the cable will catch bad enough to shut the carriage axis down which is why it is stopping. The new Trailing Cable has two lighter communication cables but it also has a mylar support.
  • Replace the Trailing Cable.

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