Fixing error code U140 & U150 on canon printers

Solution 1:
  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Turn on the printer and open the scanning unit. The printer cartridge carriage will move to the center. Open the inner cover securing the cartridge in place by pulling it downward.
  • Press the tab on the problematic ink cartridge and lift it to remove it from the printer. You will be able to tell which ink cartridge is causing the problem because its indicator light will be off or flashing.
  • Open the replacement ink cartridge and pull the orange tape in the direction of the arrow to remove the protective film. Tear the orange tape off along the dotted line.
  • Place the ink cartridges into the printer and press where indicated on the cartridge until it clicks into place. Ensure that all ink cartridges have a red indicator light showing that they are properly installed.
  • Close the inner cover on the cartridge carriage and the scanning unit. The printer will automatically start a print head cleaning cycle. When the cleaning cycle is complete, the printer is ready to use.
Solution 2:
  • Put the little green circuit board from the old ink cartridge of the same color in the new cartridge.


novaitch said...

Did not work. This is a Canon MX320 Pixma printer/scanner/fax machine. There have never been any lights lit on the cartridges before as there are no lights on them!!!

Tomáš Beneš said...

Solution No. 2 also doesn't work because it's impossible to remove the circuit board - it's too fragile and too good glued.
On Canon Pixma MX360.

Anonymous said...

Solution 2 worked perfectly on my Canon 5220 and Canon 5320 both. Circuit is NOT glued, just pull it out with your nail, it won't break.