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The printheads for Canon Inkjet printers

MAJ 02/01/15

QY6-0031-000: BJC610 - BJC620
QY6-0034-000: I6300 - I6500 - S500 - S520 - S530D - S600 - S6000 - S630 - S6300 - MPC400 - MPC600F - Multipass: F30 - F50 - S500 - S520 - S530D - S600 - S630 - S6300
QY6-0035-000: BJC8200 - S800
QY6-0037-000: IP1800 - S300 - S330 - MPC190 - MPC200 - Multipass: F20
QY6-0038-000: S200 - S200X
QY6-0039-000: I910 - S900 - S9000
QY6-0040-000: S800 - S820D - S830 - S830D
QY6-0041-000: S70 - S750 - Multipass: F60 - F80
QY6-0043-000: I950 - I960 - I965
QY6-0044-000: I250 - I320 - I350 - IP1000
QY6-0045-000: I550 - I550X
QY6-0046-000: I470D - I70
QY6-0049-000: I860 - I865 - IP4000 - IP4000R - MP750 - MP760 - MP780 - MP770 - MP790
QY6-0050-000: I900 - I950 - IP6000D
QY6-0052-000: I80 - IP90
QY6-0053-000: I990
QY6-0054-000: I450 - I455 - I470D - I475D - IP1500
QY6-0055-000: I9950 - IP8500
QY6-0056-000: DELPHY DS700 - DELPHY DS810
QY6-0057-000: IP5000
QY6-0059-000: IP4200 - MP500 - MP530
QY6-0061-000: IP4300 - IP5200 - IP5200R - MP600 - MP800 - MP830
QY6-0062-000: MP970
QY6-0063-000: IP6600D
QY6-0064-000: I560 - I850 - IP3000 - IP3500 - IX4000 - IX5000 - MP730 - MP700 photo - MP730 photo
QY6-0065: PRO9500
QY6-0068-000: IP100
QY6-0070: IP3300 - IP510 - IP520
QY6-0072: IP4600/MP630
QY6-0073: MP540 - MP620 - MX620 - IP3600
QY6-0074-000: MP980
QY6-0075-000: IP4500 - IP5300 - MP610 - MP810 - MX850
QY6-0077: PRO9500
QY6-0078-000: MP990, MP996
QY6-0080-000: IP4580, MG5250,
QY6-0082: IP7220 MG5420 MG5520 MG6420
QY6-1000-000: N1000 - N2000


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Service tool V3400 for resetting Canon printers counter

The Service Tool V3400, and service tool V3600, allow you to reset the waste ink pad counter on some Canon printers: 

You can solve the messages errors "Waste Ink Tank Full" or "Waste Ink Pad Full", "error 5B00" or "Error P07" on these printers:
Canon Pixma iP2700, iP4800, iP4810, iP4840, iP4850, iP4900, iP4910, iP4940, iP4970, iP4980, iP4990, iP5810, iP5880 Canon Pixma MP230, MP240; MP250; MP260; MP270; MP280; MP480; MP490; MP540; MP550; MP560; MP620; MP630; MP640; MP980; MP990; Canon Pixma IX6500, IX6510, IX7000 Canon Pixma IP3600, IP4940 Canon Pixma PRO9000, PRO9500 Canon Pixma MG2120. MG2140, MG2240, MG2250, MG2440, MG3240, MG3140, MG4100, MG4140, MG5140, MG5150, MG5240, MG5340, MG6140, MG6240, MG8140, MG8240 Canon MX397, MX320, MX330, MX370, MX860 etc
Where can you download the Service Tool V3400 ?

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How to fix error B200 on canon Printers

Error B200 means the printhead voltage or temperature is not normal. The Printhead could be defective.... but first, try these solutions below:

Solution 1:
Disconnect the power cable from the printer.Wait 1 hour.Connect the power cable
Solution 2:
Check and Clean Head contact pin condition of the carriage unitCheck Cable connection especially the carriage FFC
Solution 3:
Turn off the power Open the panel Turn on the power Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left.Let it go past half way Before print carriage reaches left hand side shut the cover. Leave the Printer turned on
Solution 4:
Unplug the power cable.Open the printerPush the whole print head mechanic to the centerWhile the printer still open, plug the power and turn it ON. When the printhead still moving and is going to the very LEFT, close the cover. Wait until its boot up. 
Solution 4a:
Take out all of the ink cartridgesLift up the grey bar by where the ink goesLeft the print head in the middle of the pr…

How to fix error 6C10 on Canon Printers

MAJ 21/12/14
Error 6C10 appears on these Canon printers: MP110,MP550, MP560, MP540, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MP620, MP640, IP3600, MP990, MG5200, MG5300, MG6100, MG6200, MG8100, MG8200... and others...
It's a "valv cam sensor error".

Solution 1:
Move the printhead to the center.Disconnect the printer and check on the right: is the purge unit ok ? No peace of paper ?
Solution 2:
Do a reset of the printer:Power onHold down the "Resume" button (triangle in a circle)  for 15 to 20 seconds.
Solution 3:
Power off the printer.Open the door.Power on.When the cartridge is in the center, close the door.
Solution 4:
Open the lid and allow the ink cartridge carrier to center itself. Looking to the right, you will see a row of white rollers behind the carrier. At the end of the rollers there is a small, clear piece of plastic that sticks up. Take a small piece of a paper towel and wipe all of the ink off this piece of plastic. When that is clean …