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Solutions for error code Oxc19a0013 on HP printers

MAJ 27/07/15

The error Oxc19a0013 or 0xc19a0013  appears on these printers C5180, C5380,  C6280, C6380, C7280, D7360, 6100...

Solution 1:

  • Make sure that the product is turned on and then disconnect the USB cable from the back of the product.
  • Open the product cover and remove the cartridges.
  • Close the cover and wait for a message to insert the cartridges to appear on the control panel display.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the back of the product.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and wait for one minute.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the wall, reconnect the other end of the power cord to the product, and then turn on the product if it is not already on.
  • Open the product cover and reinstall the cartridges.
  • Close the cover and print a calibration page, if prompted.
  • Print a self test report to make sure that the product can print.
  • Reconnect the USB cable between the product and the computer.
  • Try to print a document from an application on the computer.

Solution 2:
  • Remove a print cartridge to make sure the plastic tape has been removed. If it is still covering the ink nozzles, gently remove the plastic tape by using the pink pull tab. Do not touch the ink nozzles or the copper-colored contacts.
  • Reinsert the print cartridge.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other print cartridge.
  • If the problem persists, print a self-test report to determine if there is a problem with the print cartridges.
  • This report provides useful information about your print cartridges, including status information.
  • If the self-test report shows a problem, clean the print cartridges.
  • If the problem persists, clean the copper-colored contacts of the print cartridges.

Solution 3:
  • Remove the cartridges
  • Remove the printhead and clean the 3 areas below:

Solution 4:
  • Somes users have solve this error with the setup cartridge...

Solution 5:
  • The printhead could be defective


Anonymous said…
It does not work.
Anonymous said…
This solution does not work. Nothing but problems with this piece of junk.
Carlo Bonzi said…
mi hai preso per un pirla passo e chiudo? Ma che indicazioni del menga hai inserito?Quersto errore e' dovuto all'uso di testine non originale e quindi occorre resettare l'errore con software oppure con applicazioni di nastro sui primi due contatti poi reinserire togliere nastro e coprire altri contatti e poi reinserire..andate su youtube e vedrete tutta la manovra per validare la cartuccia,
Clasz said…
None of your solutions work. I thought I was buying a high quality printer because of the brand name HP. so disappointed I bought a full set of new ink cartridges for $127 and this too has not fixed the problem. Yes a piece of Junk

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