59.X PRINTER ERROR on HP Laserjet printers

This error could appear on these printers: HP Laserjet 4000, 4050, 4100, 5000, 8000, 8100

  • A main motor error occurred. 
  • 59.0: Motor error
  • 59.1: Motor startup error
  • 59.2: Motor rotation error

Solution 1:
  • Turn the printer off, wait 5 minutes and then turn the printer on. 

Solution 2:
  • Check and reseat the fuser and toner cartridge to make sure they are not hindering gear movement in the drive train. 

Solution 3:
  • Check the main motor’s cable to ensure that it is seated properly. 

Solution 4:
  • If the error persists, replace the main motor.

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