Solving error code C0840001 on HP printers

The error code C0840001 appears on HP printers like D1660, F2180... Sometimes, you can ear a grinding noise.

Solution 1:
  • Turn printer off.  
  • Open the door.
  • With a flashlite, look inside to the right side where is a small tray that slides forward and backwards.  
  • Push the tray forward until it stops then move it backwards until the little black tab on the right is 1/2 inch from the metal part of the carriage.  
  • Close the door.  
  • Turn printer on.  

Solution 2:
  • Look for a spring and lever arm with some small gears. It is located to the left of the printer, near the guide rail. 
  • Put a couple of drops of oil on the gears and lever pivot shaft.

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