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Error 49.FF81 on HP 4100mfp and 9000mfp series

 MAJ 02/09/15

For solving error code 49.FF81, verify printer functionality:
  1. Power off the MFP and remove the EIO hard disk. To remove the hard disk remove the two screws from the EIO1 or EIO2 slot on the back of the MFP (depending on which slot the hard drive is installed in). Power up the MFP (turn it on), it will boot up with the message " HARD DISK NOT INSTALLED, COPY AND SEND DISABLED."
  2. Print a Configuration Page by performing the following:
    1. Press the Menu key until Information is shown on the display, then press the Select key to highlight the Information Menu.
    2. Highlight Print Configuration and press the Select key.
    3. The MFP should print out two pages.
  3. Test the MFP by send several print jobs over the network to the MFP from a PC.
  4. If the MFP prints the test print jobs successfully, power down the MFP and reinstall the hard drive. Proceed to the next section and perform a Disk Init.
  5. If the MFP fails to successfully print any of these tests then contact HP Support for further assistance.

How to perform a Disk Init:
  1. Power off the MFP.
  2. Reinstall the EIO hard drive in the EIO slot, and tighten the screws.
  3. Press and continue to hold down the START button on the control panel of the MFP. While holding it down, power up the MFP.
  4. Continue to hold down the START button until the MFP initializes and the three control panel LEDs are all lit up solid. Now release the START button.
  5. Press and release the LEFT navigation button. The message INITIALIZE DISKS will be displayed on the control panel display.
  6. Press and release the SELECT button. Two rows of asterisks will be displayed on the control panel display.
  7. When the asterisks disappear and the message READY appears on the control panel display, the issue should be resolved.
  8. If the 49.FF81 errors reoccur or the MFP hangs while performing the Disk Init procedure, then contact HP Support.


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