How to solve error code 006 with Canon Service Tool V3400

The Service Tool V3400 allow to reset the counter of some Canon printers.

For the error code 006, try this:

Solution 1:
  • After you avec clicked on "Main", wait a few minutes. 
  • If the error still here, restarts the Service Tool

Solution 2:
  • Close the service tool
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  • After 10 seconds, plug back the cable to the printer
  • On Windows, click next when appears "New device"
  • Open the service tool


joshy joseph said...

I tried as above, still not to get"new device" from windows and select? While trouble shooting once it displayed, I skip it.thereafter not advice

joshy joseph said...

Many times plugged out usb cable as well as power cable, reset to service mode by five consecutive press of resume button but unable to select parameters in service tool

joshy joseph said...

What will be the actual trouble?can I reset the printer?any body pl help