How to solve message Waiting for tray 0 to lift with HP Laserjet printers

The message error Waiting for tray 0 to lift appears on these printers: HP CM6030, CP3525, CP4005, Laserjet 4000, 4200, 4250, 4350, 4700, 5500, 9040...
Paper is in the tray but no motors turn.

Solution 1:
  • Turn the printer off. 
  • Remove the Network Card. 
  • Do a cold reset.
  • Install the network card.

Solution 2:
  • Download and install the latest firmware.

Solution 3:
  • Take the paper out of the trays and check the trays mechanism, lift the tray by hand and make sure nothing is obstructing the movement or something broken.

Solution 4:
  • Remove the toner.
  • Lift the registration plate up.
  • Check for torn pieces of paper blocking one of the sensors.

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