How to solve error code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e on HP printers

Here are some solutions for errors codes 0x6100000e and 0x61000016:

Solution 1 (from HP):
  1. Without turning off the printer, disconnect the USB cable from the rear of it.
  2. Remove the cartridges from the printer.
  3. Wait for the 'Insert Cartridges' message to display on the control panel.
  4. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer.
  5. Wait a minute.
  6. Reconnect the power cord. If the printer does not automatically turn on, press the Power button.
  7. Reinsert the cartridges, and then close any open doors on the printer.
  8. If you receive a prompt to print a calibration page, do so.
  9. Reconnect the USB cable to the rear of the printer, and then try printing again.

Solution 2: It could be a a print head issue.
  • Open the printer and wait for the carriage to slide over 
  • Remove the ink cartridges from the print head. 
  • Use cotton swabs dipped in hot water to thoroughly clean the print head and each ink cartridge. 
  • Repeat this until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab.
  • Once finished, allow to dry and replace the cartridges 
  • Try to print something now 

Solution 3:
  • One of the ink cartridges is defective. Replace it.

Solution 4:


Paul said...

None of these "solutions" worked. THe ink cartridges do not slide over so they can be removed. They are stuck to the far right and inaccessible

Anonymous said...

Open your printer to be able to access the inks. Then switch off your printer. The carriage should move. Hold the carriage to prevent it from returning to the right side.

Rich Lanzer said...

I tried both provided possible solutions. Neither worked. This HP printer is not that old. I have a third solution with two options.
3) a) Take any 5 pound or larger sledge hammer depending upon your personal comfort zone. Unplug printer power chord from wall. Locate printer upon a surface which is at or near your waste height and resting solidly. Put on a pair of safety glasses. Apply sledge hammer unto the HP printer as many times required until you get a OOH THAT feels better now, internal sense.
3) b) Unplug HP printer from wall receptacle. Carry to second floor window. Open window. Make sure there is no body and no animal on the ground or in proximity of where this sucker is getting ready to land. Launch that HP printer puppy out the window.

Note: Repeat any step as many times as may be required until you are satisfied.

4) Go get another printer that is not an HP printer. This is my 4th HP printer and all have been short lived and nothing but problems.

Bev Searl said...

Rich's solution worked!although my back aches now from carrying the printer to that 2nd story window too many times.

Rich Lanzer said...

Glad my HP solution worked for you as well. :)

Sorry to hear about your back how ever.

Since my HP solution satisfied you so well let me then please offer a few possible solutions for your back issue. LOL

1) Locate a hard backed full version of a old Webster dictionary. Should be about 3" think more or less.
While holding the dictionary firmly with both hands at about chest level, locate both feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.
Hold the dictionary at chest level above either one of your feet.
Gently release the dictionary and allow to fall.
Wait at least 5 seconds to allow the full cause and effect to work its way in then test the differences between your back pain and of the foot.
You back pain should be a lot less noticeable by now. LOL

Soffiya said...


can you please to find the print driver


Jann Lassalle said...

Hi Soffiya,

What is your printer model ?