How to solve error 5011 on Canon Printers

MAJ 02/01/15

Error 5011 is a scanner error. It occurs on these models: MP480, MP490, MX340, MX320, MX350, MP540, MP620, MP550, MP560, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MG2100, MG3100, MG4100, MG5100

Solution 1:
  • Unplug power supply
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Plug back in.

Solution 2:
  • Check for no pieces of paper, no littles objetcs inside the printer.

Solution 3:
  • Carefully clean the encoder strip. 
  • It's located behind the carriage that runs all the way from right to left

Solution 4:
  • Replace the scanner unit


Anonymous said...

That does not work!

Anonymous said...

I saw where a link where it says you need to clean the encoder strip

Ko Noy said...

replace scanner unit. i've tried before and it works.

Anonymous said...

How can I replace the scanner unit?


Jann Lassalle said...


What'is your printer ?

Anonymous said...

Where z the scanner unit located n hw can it be replaced.

Róbert Molnár said...

I try an MG5350, and it worked for me (changing scanner)
Thanks for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Scanner fault, my guess is the lamp doesn't turn on quick enough so the scanner doesn't initialize properly, it has to read some white and black stuff inside the glass on the left side and misses some of those.

Try thiis (workaround on mg5350, not permanent fix but seems to at least buy you some time).
The procedure is similar to entering the service mode, but 4 clicks on cancel button instead of 5:

With the printer off, press and hold power+cancel simultaneously,
Release cancel but keep power button pressed,
Press cancel button 4 times,
Release both.

I don't know what this does exactly, but it seems to reset something and make a fresh start, the printer will take longer to resume the power on sequence.
Please take the time to share the info, posting this somewhere else to help someone, if you find it works.

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Well, in addition to the above written by me, the printer does power on and allow some menu functions, like printhead test/maintenance etc., but it does not allow printing.
This however could be helpful to troubleshoot the origin of the problem and rule the printing mechanism out of this and test if the head is ok.
The scanner doesn't initialize in this mode, so there is no real big progress by doing this besides confirming all the rest is ok.
Powering off and then on again after entering this mode doesn't work and it seems the printer is dead. It's not. Unplug, wait a minute or two, power on and it is back as it was before (but the 5011 error is still there).
I guess that at least in the mg5350 case there is a delay in the power-up sequence of the scanner lamp wich fails to feed light to the sensor in due time.
This, or the scanner glass or mechanism misaligning itself over time (skews a little bit to either side, tilts, etc.), or the home position of the scanner mechanism that gets incorrect.
If you are willing to do so on your own risk, it might be worth trying to put something between the mechanism and the scanner's plastic "home position" stop, or changing that stop position further "backwards" (to the left side, I don't know exactly which way allows more time for the lamp to come on, assuming it is lamp related, wich I think it is).
Sliding the scanner glass a little bit to either side and restesting (don't know if it comes out easily - be careful with the black and white strip wich is visible on the inside of the glass if you try this, that strip is important) might also work on tweaking the startup process.
In my case, I did have a fully working printer one or two times during normal resets, suggesting something is slightly misaligned or beginning to fail (lamp delay).
If you have nothing to lose and want to try it without further costs, in my opinion these are worth trying. The glass can probably be skewed and tested while it is still in the frame, usually it comes off along with the frame by sliding it all to one side after removing the screws. Pay attention if you try this because there will eventually be a spring under one end of the scanner sensor, it does come loose as well as the scanner sensor sub-assembly and there are probably no diagrams available regarding the spring position.
I will try these tweaks as soon as I get some spare time and if I find any of these to be helpful and consistent I will post again.

Jann Lassalle said...


Thank you for posting your comments! I hope they will be helpful for people trying to solve error 5011 !

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately it didn't solve the error, only seems to boot the printer in a mode wich enables some basic printing tests to be made to evaluate if further investment is to be considered.
I took the time today and disassembled the whole scanner mechanism.
Found some cold solder joints on the motor encoder photo detector (detects scanner motor relative position, near the plastic transparent disc with fine black stripes in the motor base), resoldered them and no improvements. This should trigger an error 5012 instead, if there are problems in this area, I tested this by disconnecting the flat cable.
Tried to slide the upper scanner glass along with the plastic frame to the left, in many positions, the same.
Tweaked scanner stop position a little to the right, still nothing.
Took the scanner glass off the frame and tried every position I could think of, slightly to the left or right...
Checked flat cables, all were ok.
I also point to the scanner unit as already pointed out and tested by other users, in the detector component itself as a probable cause in particular, I will try to disassemble it, it is the thin glass looking component right next to the 'lamp', altough it was clearly not built to be opened I suspect there might be a conductive ribbon in there somewhere, because the printed circuit board moves slightly while the detector part does not, but this will probably be a destructive procedure :s
Another thing that might be worth searching is if there eventually is a way to power the printer on without scanner, I guess not but as these printers have several service menu available options that are not normally visible, there might be a way of doing that.
I did have it started up normally on one occasion when I was playing around with a power on+ok button combination but I was unable to do that again, maybe the scanner operated normally by accident and it was only coincidence.
Best luck to all, if I find something worthy of sharing I will post again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous for your suggestions and thoughts. I ran through the same issues and, like you, did not find any solution.

As far as I can understand, there is something wrong with the scanner but I can't figure out what exactly it is.

It would be nice if at least the printer could work whilst the scanner doesn't.

Tech Frustration said...

None of these work. But this one does, and it seems to be the only one that does: