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Display panel problems on HP Officejet 8600 printers

The LCD touchscreen display is very light, blank, unreadable or broken...

Solution 1:
  • Unplug the power cable from the printer and the wall.
  • Wait 10 minutes.
  • Plug the printer back in directly to a wall outlet.

Solution 2: (for a blank screen)

Solution 3:

Solution 4: you have to replace the Display Control Panel.

  • For HP Officejet 8600 series, the part number of the Display Control Panel is  CM749-60021:

  • For HP Officejet 8500, 8500a series, the part number of the Display Control Panel is  CM758-60006:


Anonymous said…
I also had the problem with a blank, bright display.
Actually I fixed it by changing a SMD-condenser on the display backplane.
Unfortunately i can't post a photo.
herby said…
I have same problems with a HP Photosmart 309 a All in one printer

Please post or send me yours solution.
I will check if I can do same on my printer.
Anonymous said…
I am experiencing this issue; solutions 1-3 were not successful so have ordered and received replacement part. No replacement/installation instructions were included. Any guidance from other users appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Please, where did you buy the replacement part? Thk you
Anonymous said…
My Officejet Pro 8600 control panel is wider than the picture shown above-HP lists the P/N as CM749-60085
Karel said…
I had the same problem with LCD as wrote Anonymous user (March 9, 2015). After resoldering the smd capacitors on the control board near the connector into LCD the display is OK. Maybe there was only a "cold connection".
Konrad Smit said…
I currently have the problem as listed in solution 1 were the screen shows up lightly but still works fine.

It also has some lines running over the panel of the display.I have followed the instructions as listed in solution 1 were i unplugged the printer from the power supply, waited for 10 min and powered up the unit again. Basically giving the unit a hard reset.

The printer i have is the HP Officejet Pro 8600 (FPU No:CM749-64001).

After re-applying the power to the printer again, the display started up with the HP logo and looked pretty good again as it should, but after a couple of seconds it started fading away again and ended up back to were it was before the power down session.

From this i am assuming that the display has incurred some damage internally and i would probably have to replace it at some point.

Just to save on the money side i think i will run it as it is at the moment and just wait until it completely bombs out.

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