Brother DPC-8150, DCP-8150DN: How to Enter Maintenance Mode

Here is the procedure to enter Maintenance mode with Brother DCP-8150:

  • Switch on the printer
  • Press "Menu", then "Start", then "Menu" button
  • "0" is displayed on the LCD.
  • With the keypad, enter the maintenance mode function code to be executed.
  • Each time the selected maintenance mode function is completed, the machine returns to the ready state automatically.

List of Maintenance Mode Functions:

01 Initialize EEPROM parameters
05 Print white level/black level data for document scanning
06 Move CIS unit to transportation position
08 ADF performance test
09 Print test pattern
10 Set worker switches (WSW)
11 Print worker switch (WSW) setting data
12 Check LCD operation
13 Check control panel button operation
25 Display software version
32 Check sensor operation
33 Display LAN connection status
43 Set PC print functions 1.3.12
45 Change USB No. return value / Adjust left-end print start position on second side when duplex printing / Change ON/OFF setting for Deep Sleep function
52 Set country / language
53 Transfer received fax data/log information
54 Fine-tune scanning position
55 Acquire white level data and set CIS scan area
61 Adjust touch panel
67 Continuous print test
69 Print frame pattern (single-side printing)
70 Print frame pattern (duplex printing)
71 Print solid pattern
74 Setting by country
77 Print maintenance information
78 Check fan operation
80 Display machine log information
82 Display machine error code
87 Send communication log information to telephone line
88 Reset counters for periodic replacement parts
91 Initialize EEPROM parameters
99 Quit maintenance mode

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