Message error "Type of print head in incorrect. Install correct print head" on Canon printers

The message "Type of print head in incorrect. Install correct print head" may be followed with error code U052.

Solution 1:
  • Reinstall the cartridges.
  • If the error occurred after changing a cartridge: replace it.

Solution 2:
  • Reinstall the printhead.

Solution 4:

Solution 4:


Skicolorado said...

Canon consumers should be aware there is a known defect with the PIXMA MX print heads that Canon has been hiding.
Federman & Sherwood has filed a consumer class action lawsuit against Canon USA, Inc., and was brought on behalf of all consumers who have purchased certain defective printers manufactured and distributed by Canon USA, Inc. Thus far, at least 16 different Canon printer models have been identified that display an error message of "U052: Wrong Printhead Error," after limited use. This error indicates that the printer does not recognize the printhead, or that the printhead itself is faulty, but disables all functions of the printer, including scanning and facsimile capabilities, rendering the printer unsuitable for its intended purpose and use.

Michelle Clark said...

is pixma mp 500 one of the printers in the lawsuit?

Linda Jamail said...

How do you find out what printer are in the lawsuit?

I have a Cannon MP830 inkjet printer & the error...the type of print head is incorrect install the correct print head.

Please help if all possible.


Anonymous said...

My Canon MP 600R does not anything. He is dead. No diplay. The printhead is on the rihgt side and does not move. No display nothing.

Jann Lassalle said...


For MP600R: unplug the printer for 10 minutes. Then plug in and switch on.
If there is still nothing: the power supply could be defective.