How to reset drum on OKI C5650

MAJ 27/07/15
Here is two procedures to reset the drum counter on OKI C5650:

Solution 1:
  • Turn the machine on while pushing and holding "Up" and "Down button at same time.
  • Menu window will show "Oki User"
  • Scroll to " Engine DialogMode" and push Enter button.
  • "Diagnostic Mode xx.xx.xx S-Mode" is indicated.
  • Scroll to "NV-Ram initial"  and push ENTER.
  • Screen shows "NV-Ram- Initial Table 1".
  • Push "Online" and "Enter" Buttons simultaneously and Hold for 10 seconds after you see "Executing Reset" in menu window.
  • Restart printer.

Solution 2 (if solution 1 does not work):


Anonymous said...

Dose not work on mine NV-ram dose not show in my lcd panel

Βασιλης Χατζηστεργιου said...

I have the same problem.. my panel doesn't show "NV-RAM.

4 J's said...

Same thing here with my C5750, but I found a way to keep printing. Instead of going to the unobtainable "NV-RAM" go to "sensor settings".
Scroll down to "drum over life" and press Enter. You'll probably see "stop *". Click 1x down to "continuance" and press Enter for about 5 seconds. Exit the whole menu and keep on printing till you drop! Cheers, Jilling