How to solve error code 03130031-2618 on Canon IPF printers

Error code 03130031-2618 is a voltage error. It could happens on these printers models: IPF6350, IPF6300, IPF6000, IPF8000, IPF8300, etc...

Solution 1:
  • Power off the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cable
  • Wait for 30 minutes.
  • Connect the power cable
  • Power on

Solution 2:
  • Check the power supply

Solution 3:  The voltage of the print head is abnormal.
  • Replace the Printhead

Solution 4: Check for the cable continuity between the carriage relay PCB and the main controller PCB
  • Replace the cable.
    Replace the carriage relay PCB.
  • Replace the main controller PCB


aparsons said...

The Canon troubleshooting guide says, It is not the power supply. I changed the power supply. It was not the power supply. According to an experienced technician on the forums it is always the controller board.
I did not change the printheads as the error occurred whether the printheads were installed or not. Also the error occurred without variation when I forgot to put the timing strip back in.
I believe the Vh voltage error is a red herring and it is just the error message that is displayed when the main controller board fails in this manner.
The technician's troubleshooting guide says if there is no continuity error on the flat cables (very unlikely unless they have been damaged) to replace the main controller, the printheads and the carriage in that order.

Anonymous said...

i have this error on my canon ipf6400, too.
if i remove the paperroll, it works. after the start (boot) i can feed the paperroll ... no errors.