How to solve error code 5,156,61 on Canon printers

You can have error code 5,156,61 on these Canon printers: MG2100, MG2120, MG2150, MG6250, MX375, MX360, MP495, MP230 etc...

It usually concerns the scanner: "Code:5,156,61 Cannot scan for these reasons: -Scanner is turned off.-USB cable is disconnected"

Solution 1: check USB connection
  • Try another USB port on the PC
  • If USB cable is connected to an USB Hub: connect diretly the cable to the PC.
  • Try another USB cable

Solution 2:
  • Sometimes, an antivirus or the firewall of Windows can block the use of Canon software.
  • Check this point by disabling them temporarily.

Solution 3:
  • Reinstall the drivers of the printer


Steve Scott said...

Seriously?? Wiggle the cable? When I'm trying to scan wirelessley - without cable?

Anonymous said...

thats work!!! I change port usb :)

dabbbles said...

How does one 'Change a port'????