How to fix error 5B00 for Canon MX320 printer

MAJ 04/02/16
Here is the solution to fix error code 5B00 or to reset waste ink counter for Canon MX320 printer.

Solution 1:
  • Turn off the printer
  • Press and hold the "Stop/Reset" button
  • Press and hold "Power On" button
  • While holding the "Power On" button, release the "Stop/Reset" button
  • While holding still the "Power On" button, press twice the "Stop/Reset" button
  • Release the "Power On" button
  • Wait until it display an "idle" message. It will take about 60 seconds.
  • When "idle" appears, open the top cover to expose the cartridges.
  • Lift up the cover for cartridge holder and take out both the black and color cartridges
  • Return the cover of cartridge holder and turn off the printer
  • Return the top cover and turn on the printer again
  • After the printer initialize, return the cartridges.

Solution 2:


Love and Lace, Inc. said...

I did exactly what you described and it did nothing to clear this error code! What now?

Jann Lassalle said...


Try the second solution in the post.

Novie jean Dela Cruz said...

didn't work. :(