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Error 0x61011beb, 0x61011bec, 0x610000f6, 0x61000f6 on HP Officejet and Photosmart printers

Error 0x61011beb, 0x61011bec, 0x610000f6, 0x61000f6 on HP Officejet and Photosmart printers
MAJ 27/05/17

Ox61011beb, 0x61011beb, 0x61011bec, 0x610000f6, 0x61000f6, Ox61011bed, 0x61011bed, 0x61000032, 06x610000f

These error code could appears on these printers:
  • HP Photosmart D5460, D5463, et D5468, C390A
  • HP Officejet 6000 6500 6500A 7000 7110

Solution 1:
  • With the printer power on, disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  • Remove the ink cartridges
  • Unplug the power cord. Wait for at least 1 minute. Plug the unit back in (press the power button if necessary)
  • Wait for the "Insert Cartridges" message. Reinstall the cartridges
    Close the product doors
  • If you receive a recalibration message, allow the printer to complete this task
  • Reconnect the USB cable
  • Try your print job again

Solution 2:
  • Plug it directly into the wall, rather than into a UPS.
  • Verify that the unit is switched on. Disconnect the USB/Ethernet cable from the All-in-One and also disconnect power cable from All-in-One and also from wall outlet.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Plug in the power cable to All-in-One and also to wall outlet.
  • Check for the functionality.

Solution 3:
  • Unplug the power cable from printer when the printer is powered on and wait for 20 seconds.
  • Then, press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.
  • Continue holding until it displays Semi Full Reset message in the front panel of the All-in-One
Solution 4:
  • Power off
  • Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet (should always power off first using the power button).
  • Remove the back piece and putting it back, making sure it's well adjusted.
  • Removed the piece where the printed paper land, and putting bac.

 Solution 5: fixing carriage jam on HP Officejet 6500 

Solution 6:

Solution 7: (Thanks to Justin !)
  • You need to replace the Clutch Drive Gear Kit (Ebay)


Anonymous said…
hp technical support sucks
Kit Eakle said…
What kind of nonsense is this??? After describing in 3 previous "solutions" how one should disconnect the poer WITHOUT powering down, HP asks in the 4th that you ALWAYS power down with the on off button first. Tried all "solutions" EXCEPT the last the 'print head costs almost as much as the printer! Shame!
Anonymous said…
forget HP
Anonymous said…
Didn't work on my printer, cartridge still won't go
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Well, this did not work at all.
Anonymous said…
None of these "solutions" worked. Don't waste your time.
Mary said…
I fixed mine by one of two ways- not sure which. Tried everything as far as post and also cleaned roller heads too. It looks like the roller heads that drop down and spin against the paper are too slick because they are plastic instead of rubber and were not making good contact with the paper. I decided to fill it full of paper to insure better contact. I also put in paper from Office Depot that is labeled "Colorlok" Technology and it worked fine. I think it was the type of copy paper I was using that caused the problem. It could have been as simple that I didn't load enough copy paper when I filled it too
Martin said…
Provided solutions do not work for my printer. Think i have a minor problem but do not know how to fix it. Neither does HP.
Anonymous said…
uselessssss... I'm going to buy another printer and will make sure it is not a HP
Anonymous said…
My cartridge rolls smoothly across left and right, then gets stuck in right hand side.

I've followed the HP guides and I've checked every nook and cranny and no obvious issue.

But the fact that it moves smoothly then locks in one spot really irritates me.
J.Lassalle said…
Have you tried to put manually and gently the cartridge rolls to the center ?
Unknown said…
i bought 4 printer for my office .
now all have same problem after 1 year and here in saudi arabia no one have any idea what to do . they say buy new one .
Anonymous said…
HP!!!!! Your technical support sucks, you are not just wasting your money but our money and time with your lousy products. After my experience with 6500A, I can only advice consumers to stay away from HP...its not reliable....
domkasanova said…
I was trying all this solutions and nothing of your solutions can work ...
Anonymous said…
None of these solutions work. It is a piece of junk. I am buying a different brand.
Anonymous said…
IF ALL OF THE OTHER "FIXES" DON'T WORK, TRY CLEANING THE DECODER STRIP. IF IT IS DIRTY IT WILL CAUSE THE ERROR. The decoder strip is the the long white plastic strip inside that the carriage runs across. Just open the door, look inside to the back of the cavity and you will see it. To clean, simply moisten a bit of soft cloth and use it to gently wipe the strip clean as much as possible. Be warned, in all likelihood, you will get some ink on your hands. It washes off with soap and water. Have it ready. I have had this fix a number of printers including a HP 6700 that I just "repaired" after trying the normal fixes that did not work.
Anonymous said…
I tried all of the solutions recommended. Nothing worked. I keep getting the error message.
J.Lassalle said…

If you still have the error message after changing the printhead, then the mainboard is defective.
Unknown said…
None of the above works
Unknown said…
HP only want money... they don t care about their users... shame on you HP. our solutions don t result... HP just want that we buy new printers... Im furious...
Joydd Mateus said…
Desisto. Mesmo com 4 indicações e mais algumas que andam por aí consigo. Desisto, desisto.
Unknown said… you're welcome

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