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How to replace the fuser on Samsung CLX-3175 series

MAJ 08/01/15

Step 1:

- Remose the right cover of the printer.
- Remove both connectors (see photo below):

Etape 2:
- Remove the 4 screws fixing the fuser:

- Move the handle as shown on the photo:

Part number of the fuser: JC96-05491

More about the printers Samsung CLX-3175 series


Unknown said…
the fuser wont came out
Unknown said…
- Remove both connectors (see photo below):

how and wich one?
jan said…

i did replace the fuser, but now it prints only 2 cm on the side, the rest of the paper is white...

strange !

any idea?

thankzz jan
Anonymous said…
to jnn:
prob. photo interrupter need to change,
part: js 0604-001095
Anonymous said…
part 1

ok if anyone ever finds this in the name of

God, Alah, Mohamada and all of the prophets

Your printer is no more of this world - decest, past tense, a dead parrot, a former printer.

please just pick up the unit and put it next to the road.

Ok spent two hours pulling the thing apart, another hour cleaning it, fuser was crushed with paper from a printout 5 months ago. Lucky the house didn't burn down.
Another 90 minutes putting it back together.

If you would rather try your hardest and fail then please read on.

here are things I remember

do what the video says put the unit on the edge of the table, I turned it on its side so I could see the bottom of the unit. The two "clips" look like the old mouse "clit" , it is a push in nipple ( n i p p l e in case they edit this automatically)
push in the two "buttons" hard ( I used a small screwdriver) and use a screwdriver to lift the plastic up.
Mine didn't break - if yours does you just saved 2 hours - throw it out.
wiggle the plastic a fair bit.

From the front there is a clip near the top of the unit , about 20mm under the scanner tray edge.
Either wiggle it a lot or use a SD (screwdriver) to pull the plastic back.

the back bit is just a bit of wiggling, if you have come this far don't worry about what you do it is not going to work anyway, just get it off.

OK - what are the two MYSTERY clips.

when you undo the 4 screws holding the fuser you will find you can pull it forward (towards the back of the machine)
No, the blue/purple tabs do nothing, have them up, down , whatever works for you to pull the fuser out.

so now look back at the RHS and you will see two sets of wires move, one leads to the BIG white plug on the left of the side of the right side of the unit, just unpug it and then start to unravel the cords ( 5 minutes later)

the other is harder it is the thin set of two white wires with a white plug under all the other wires, use a small screwdriver to pry the other wires off the clips and then un-clip the socket ( it just pulls out - wiggle left - right - left etc) - twenty minutes later

If you are still lost - just get the wife or kids to wiggle the fuser and look at the Right Hand Side RHS of the unit, you will see them move towards the top - you have to follow the two wires to where they connect to the circuit boards.
If you still don't follow then throw the thing out now.

ok you have un-clipped the two plugs.

now back to the fuser, you will find you cant pull it out BUT not all the way.
However you can move it, and pull it, so you can undo the two screws which hold it together, one on the left and one of the right, there are only two screws on the unit so have a look.

Now this is where it gets hard, the unit itself falls apart.
so have a good look at it as this might be the last time you see it in one piece.
Anonymous said…
part 2 - sorry only allowed to post 4096 characters
in one piece.

pull it apart gently and look at what falls off. the top bit will fall off.
For later yes it is suppose to be at that silly angle. Check the top bit now - see how there is a gaping hole to allow the paper to come out.

now you have it apart just clear the stuff out of it. if like me you will find a lot of brown paper. How lucky are you your house didn't burn down.

So you have cleaned and vacuumed the whole thing

now for the hard bit. Everything up to now was easy, get another drink, for every ones sake, put the kids to bed and pretend its going to be ok.

we have to put it all together,

position that loose top flap back into the unit, yes at a weird angle.
screw the two halves together with the screws.

put the fuser back into the main unit.

Sure - it just goes straight back in.

you need to line up the left edge the best you can. there are two things which go into the other things, if it was me i would say males into the females however it will probably get edited out.

put it in as far as you can :) then look at the bottom right corner of the fuser and you will see where it is sticking. You need you push it in more and up a bit.
Push it - more - yes more.
Once you get over that it is all down hill.

it will sit flush again

screw the 4 screws back in

put the RHS cover back on - don't close the front and back covers just wiggle and move the covers until you can bang the RHS cover back on. Quite easy for me but I was over it by now.

front door didn't want to close but just move that little lever up and it will close even with a clunk, the back door for me closed easily.

Now at this point I had 1 piece in perfect condition and 1 broken piece left on the table, didn't know nor care where they came from.

plug it in and turn it on.

print something.

printed on the left 5cm of the page and nothing else, lets try again and pull it all apart, waste of time.

Unit sitting outside.

Hope you have a better result.

Didn't mean to miss anyone's religion just well over Samsung, will buy a new BW printer tomorrow, got 2 years out of it. got to be happy with that.

PS - was fun - lots of cool stuff under the RHS cover and might think of pulling it apart when it stops raining.

best hopes - wished - dreams - prayers etc...

Anonymous said…
in short - what jan said is going to happen

throw it away.

Anonymous said…
Dear deers,

Same here, followed the instructions above...


Man vs machine 1:0. Wohoooo!

Anonymous said…
I managed to do it all, but unfortunately still "Cycle Power" :(

Here are some more pics for those that want to try it out themselves:

Anonymous said…
Hi, I just posted previous comment. In the meantime my printer have chosen to cooperate and it's now functioning, but I needed to cleanup the toner waste bin first. I needed to wash it and fan dry it. Thanks Lord it's working now. :)
Anonymous said…
I Followed the long post from anonymous and it worked like a charm!! Now my printer is alive again! but i think i had a bit of luck as well, some things almost fell apart a few times but i managed to hold it together by a thread! =D
Anonymous said…
Lots of people looking how to replace the fuser unit on the Samsung CLX 317FW.

These instructions worked for me.
1. I took out all the toners, waste toner collection unit and drum from the front so I could tip the print on its side.
2. You HAVE to remove the right hand side cover:
3. Unscrew the four retaining screws on the fuser.
4. Unplug and untangle the two Fuser cables revealed from right hand side cover. See Yellow plug with thick grey 2 core cable bottom left of step 1 photo above and the grey (or white) 2 core cable hidden near the end of the blue cable half way up the right edge of the step 1 photo above - both these cables go back to the fuser unit so wiggle fuser unit and the cables to follow them through and identify them.
5. Slide the retainer to the right to remove the Fuser
Replace fuser unit and re-assemble.

Took about an hour and half
It was a real fight to get the right hand side cover off.

Happy fixing!
Unknown said…
Tell me, please! What it can be the problem if my printer (Brother)always shows "paper jam" even if there are no paper at all. I changed fuser unit but it doesn't help!
I will be very thankful even for one little tip!
Mike Platvoet said…
So I have been ableo pull the fuser out and put a new one in. No problem. But for some reason the paper folds up and doesn't come out between last two roller bars (so it doe come out of the fuser itself but then invokes a paper jam.
Anyone knows how this can happen and more important: how it can be fixed? Seems the two roller bars are to tight pushed to one another.
M T said…
If you've gone to so much trouble to open the case, replace the round battery while you've got it open. My document feeder had quit working, but started working again after replacing the battery as part of this service. Even if your battery isn't dead yet, you won't want to have to open the case again, so put in a new battery.

Ten years old, but this printer has been a useful device!

Anonymous said…
It seems my daughter has a magic image that will wrap paper around the fuser rollers. Neat, nice trick. Followed said instructions and cracked the right cover a bit, but it eventually came off (and went back on). Ended up soldering the main fuser connector as well because it came off rather than unplug.

In the end seems to work as well as before, except when that magic image is printed it will jam the fuser.

So, I guess I win, since I don't have to buy one of the newer DRM encumbered printers?

Next up the transfer belt seems to need to be replaced as well, but since I don't care it can wait.. :)

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