Canon I6500 printer


  • Qy6-0034: Printhead
  • QK1-1258-000: Power 220v/240v - 50/60H
  • QG4-0087-000: Purge unit (QM2-2327)
  • QA4-0323: Ink absorber

  • Reset waste ink counter:
    Press feed button hold on and press power button
    Press feed button twice
    Release feed and power button
    Wait a few seconds
    press feed button three time
    When green light standby unplug power printer
      • Error 5C00 (orange light alternates with the green 4 times): problem with Purge cam sensor.
      Solution 1: reset waste ink counter
      Solution 2:
      Open the door of the printer
      Take out the cartridges
      Clean them gently
      Reinsert the cartridge in the printer

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