Error 61.05 on HP Designjet 500, 510, 800

Could appears on HP DesignJets 800 Series, DesignJet 500 and 510.

Printer show a System Error: 61:05

The problem:

That's an error Processing Job.
This Error Code appears in these HP DesignJets with an HPGL/ 2 card installed, when processing either a PostScript or HP-GL/2 file.

Solution 1:
  • Switch the Printer Off 
  • Wait a few minutes. 
  • Switch the Printer On 
  • Resend the file that you were trying to print. 

Solution 2:
  • If the Error Code reappears, try to generate the file again and try to print again. 
  • If the file that is causing this error is PostScript, check if it is Binary. If the file is Binary, use AppleTalk to send the file to the Printer. 
  • If AppleTalk is not being used to send the Binary file to the Printer, you have to change the PostScript settings to Binary through the Front Panel (Set-up menu / PS settings / Encoding / Binary). 

Solution 3:

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