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How to fix error B200 on canon Printers

How to fix error B200 on canon Printers

Error B200 means the printhead voltage or temperature is not normal. The Printhead could be defective.... but first, try these solutions below:

Solution 1:
  • Disconnect the power cable from the printer.
  • Wait 1 hour.
  • Connect the power cable

Solution 2:
  • Check and Clean Head contact pin condition of the carriage unit
  • Check Cable connection especially the carriage FFC

Solution 3:
  • Turn off the power
  • Open the panel
  • Turn on the power
  • Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left.
  • Let it go past half way
  • Before print carriage reaches left hand side shut the cover.
  • Leave the Printer turned on

Solution 4:
  • Unplug the power cable.
  • Open the printer
  • Push the whole print head mechanic to the center
  • While the printer still open, plug the power and turn it ON. 
  • When the printhead still moving and is going to the very LEFT, close the cover. 
  • Wait until its boot up. 

Solution 4a:
  • Take out all of the ink cartridges
  • Lift up the grey bar by where the ink goes
  • Left the print head in the middle of the printer all while the printer was off.

Solution 4b (thank you Jeremy):
  • Clean the plastic head primers/cleaners themselves on the printer (the far right) 

Solution 4c (thank you Rhiann):
  • Turn off the printer
  • Open the cover
  • Turn on the printer
  • Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
  • Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
  • Leave the Printer turned on.

Solution 4d: (thank you John Wittman)
  • My Canon MX860 locked up with the B200 error when I continued printing without black ink. I removed printhead as described elsewhere and carefully flushed with hot tap water until no further ink waste was present. Reinstalled, but this did not resolve the B200 message and lockout.
  • Removed printhead again and this time removed 2 small screws (with jeweler's scredriver) on printhead to dimantle it. Use care to protect the ribbon cable. Do not try to remove this cable. You will see a complex rubber gasket. Remove this and clean with hot water. Set aside.
  • With screws removed, this will give access for more cleaning of the ink passages. Used hot water, then isopropal alcohol to wash, and finally a small (1/4") soft rubber tube to gently blow out water/alcohol from the printhead body. Be careful to not touch or push on the ink jets (little metal strips - large set for color; second set for black printing). Dried parts and reassembled. Carefully replace the gasket so that it fits over the plastic tips of the several ink ports.
  • Error B200 has disappeared
  • Ran printer maintenance from the PC: head deep cleaning, regular cleaning 3 times and head alignment check. Gradually print quality has been restored as ink has flowed into the printhead cavity and to the ink jets.

Solution 5:

Solution 5a:

Solution 6
  • Replace the power supply unit.

Solution 7:
  • Replace the logic board. 


Unknown said…
sorry Jann, it did not work. Looks like I need a new printer :(. Any suggestions?
J.Lassalle said…
Hi Simon,

Well, it seems that the power supply or the mainboard is defective.
Unknown said…
Thanks Jann, but it did not work. Canon says the ink collector is full and cannot be fixed. What printer would you recommend instead?
Anonymous said…

After spending 2 days here's what I learned AND FIXED IT!

To HARD RESET THIS- unplug for about 10 seconds, press the STOP key and hold it and then power key and hold it. While holding both keys, release the STOP key 4 times, in other words so that the green light switches with the yellow 4 times and stays green, THEN RELEASE BOTH KEYS. wait about a minute or so while the printer does it's thing.

WHEN YOU CAN'T GET IT TO TURN BACK ON- it's because the b200 code is set and you are locked out, so repeat the above steps to get it back on again.

IN ORDER TO PURGE THE VB200 CODE- I had to download "SERVICE TOOL V3400". I had to search all around for this as canon makes sure you can't get it and buy a new printer! WELL SCREW THAT!! After finding one that kept hanging, I found a good link that works with windows 10. With that tool, I was able to reset the counter at the bottom of the page to "0".

Now my b200 code is gone and the printer powers up and down each time as it did when new. And my print heads are squeeky clean (that solution obviously didn't work).

I would post the link I used but don't want canon to shut it down just to sell more printers. You always have the option of doing the unplug/reset option in order to print without needing the v3400 tool. :-)

Good luck people!
Anonymous said…
WHOOPS, AND NO EDIT KEY...Press stop button 4x so green comes on 2x and stays green first before releasing both buttons when resetting.
Anonymous said…
ALSO... in order to use the v3400 tool, you MUST be in repair mode. In order to get there, just as in reset, press stop button 6x and you should see a blank screen on printer. v3400 WILL NOT WORK on wireless, so you will need a usb cable. Plug it into your computer after 3400 comes up, and if it's working, the grayed out buttons will change. (forgot to indicate that) :-)
Anonymous said…
Ok, so your post says, do this thing, or mess with that thing, but apart from the printer carriage, I don't know what this thing or that thing are, and you have no diagrams or photos to show me what this thing or that thing are.
Unknown said…
This work wonderful for me aka MX727 !!! Do try this method.. before giving up..

1. Quickly press and release the printer's power button, so the device begins to turn on.
2. Immediately press and *hold* the power button until the printer completely stops making noises - this may take some time.
3. Release the power button. My printer made a lot more noises before eventually powering off.
4. Turn the printer back on.

At this point, my printer was functional again, although it made a *lot* more noise before printing a test page, and then I had to do a "Deep Cleaning" from the driver's "Maintenance" tab before it began printing correctly again.

Thanks ** *much* to the person who posted the original "start button" directions, cryptic though they were - you fixed my printer for me! :)
Anonymous said…
B200 error. Solution 4 did it for me. Thanks for the advice. Alan
Unknown said…
Ok, wow, Rihann's solution worked (4c) first time! This was after I had unplugged, replugged, removed cartridges, etc. THANK YOU!!
Unknown said…
Solution 1: did not work (unplug wait for an hour)
Solution 2: did not attempt. No comment.
Solution 3: WORKED! (open unit to expose print head, plug in, wait for print head to start sliding left. Before it goes all the way left, quickly close the unit.)

BAM. Genius. Many thanks. Now let's just see if it sticks. :)
Unknown said…
Update: well, that was fast. Before I could get one print job working the error is back. So, plz disregard my prior success posting. :\
Unknown said…
ATTEMPT #2: remove print cartridges, dry blot each of them. Remove ink tray. Dry blot it. Reconnected everything and again got the b200 error.

RESULT: fail! :(
Unknown said…
ATTEMPT #3: After reading some other comments I got an idea to put together a few different solutions as a lazy man's attempt to resolve it. Here is what I did:

1. Open printer to expose print head while cable is unplugged
2. Plug in cable
3. While print head is moving left (left of center most point)...
4. Quickly shut the printer

OK, that got the printer to boot up successfully (ie no error). But remember, I tried this before and upon sending it a print job got the b200 error again. So, mow that I was at least successfully booted, I unleashed part 2 of my lazy man's fix: I went into setup and did a deep cleaning. Then I printed a test patter. Voilà! I then tried sending it a test job and it worked.

Whew. Let's hope it holds. If not I will surely update y'all. :))))))))))
Aakash said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rjw said…
Oh wow, THANK YOU! Lifesaver! Step 3 worked wonders for me after getting that B200 error code over and over.
Unknown said…
I am wondering if getting cartridges refilled instead of buying new might have caused this problem Error B203 as it occurred shortly after I got my cartridges refilled. I had always bought new before, but it is so expensive, I thought I would try refilling them instead by a reputable refiller. Has anyone else had problems after refilling cartridges instead of replacing them?
Unknown said…
Canon MG5420 with B200 error code
Open print head cover
let print head come to center
Disconnect power cord
open door with Canon on it by folding top toward you
manually center print head in cutout so that the bar with m bk y pgbk c is centered
remove the print cartridges and turn them upside down so ink stays in
pull forward on the M BK Y PGBK C bar this will unlock the print head
grasp th middle divider in the print head and pull forward tipping the top toward you
wash in hot water until no color comes from ink jets on the bottom

dry and install in printer, just put the back connector at the top and the side pins in the curved tracks in the carrier, slide in and push top back. push in the bar in front
locking the printhead in place. install the ink cartridges and try the printer.
Mine still had the B200 error, BUT a week later after setting on a shelf not connected all is well. I guess it just needed to dry out.

Anonymous said…
I have Pixma MX725 with B200 error.

I got printer in maintenance mode, I start vs4300 tool, when I make a set there is no error message, only the 'wait symbol' turning inifinitifely, with no result.

any ideas ?

Unknown said…
Solution number 3 worked for me. I tryed evrithing else and nothing until I do the number 3.
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