Canon Pixma MP495 printer

MAJ 04/06/15

  • PG-210: Black Ink
  • PG210XL: Back ink XL
  • CL-211: Color ink
  • CL211XL: Colour Ink XL

    • Waste ink counter Reset
    Disconnect the power cable
    Hold on "Black", "Color", "Stop/Reset" and "Power" buttons.
    Without release them, plug the power cable in.

    • Ink cartridge reset (ship reset):
    Solution 1 : When "empty cartridge" is displayed, Hold on the "cancel" button until "processing"appears.
    Solution 2: Hold on the "Stop" button until "processing" appears

    • Error E16 or E,1,6:
    Hold on the "Stop" button for 5 seconds.


    Patrick said...

    Thank you.

    Gohs said...

    tahnks man....

    Jacqueline said...

    this is amazing! I just bought new ink for my pixma. Since it was a refilled cartridge it kept saying I ran out of ink when I just bought new ink! your solution was exactly what I needed!

    LockMonster said...

    Tried all of these, no luck with my MP495 Pixma

    Bobby said...

    Step 1) Unplug the printer from Power and wait 5 sec then Plug it back in.

    Step 2) Press "Stop/Reset" button for 2 sec and hold it.

    Step 3) Now Press and hold the "Power" button also with "Stop/Reset" for 5 sec.

    Step 4) Release only "Stop/Reset" and wait for 2 sec (still holding "Power" button)

    Step 5) Now press and release "Stop/Reset" 5 times.

    Step 6) After 5 sec release "Power" button also (No LCD only power light seen).

    Step 7) Wait for a minute (after the printer resetting).

    Step 8) Now power off the printer by pressing "Power" button.

    Step 9) After 30 Seconds press "Power" button again. Ready for Print now !!!

    yogagye said...

    I am trying to setup my Pixma printer in a new network, because I moved to another state. It keeps asking me for the "printer password", I have no idea if I set a password for the printer a year ago when I did the installation in my previous home network. Could anyone give a hint of what should I do?

    Daniel Reis said...

    same problem as yogagye,

    Does anyone knows the default admin password for the printer?.

    Mariam said...

    You saved my life and my marriage. Not kidding. Thank you so much

    Dave Roos said...

    Bobby's answer worked for me. I had an error code 05 after replacing the original ink cartridges with refilled cartridges. First I tried Bobby's solution, which got rid of the error code. But when I tried to print, it still said I didn't have any black ink. At that point, I held down the Stop button for five seconds and the LED switched to the swirling "processing" image. When it still wasn't printing, I tried pressing the Black key once, and then it kicked in! Now it prints without incident, even though the LED lights under both color and black are orange and blinking.

    Jaylene Mattocks said...

    Awesome Bobby!! Cannon's site said the only solution was to take it in for service for a code 5200. Well, your advice fixed it! Thank you so much!!

    Gabrielle said...

    I'm still having a problem with my canon mp495 because of installing re-manufactured ink. I did what Bobby said and STILL no luck. The error code WILL not reset for some reason. Any ideas?

    John Miller said...

    My MP495 says I have a paper jam however there is no paper in the printer. Any ideas?

    LEH said...

    Hi John,

    Try this:

    and that:

    Anonymous said...

    Just but Genuine Canon ink.... period!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks so much Bobby! I called Canon support and they told me the only option was to send it in for repair. Your fix worked!!

    Jay-Fly said...

    My bro Bobby u r a life saver man!!!! Thnx very much!!

    Anonymous said...

    Bobby really appreciate the tips man!! wuz struggling with this stuff all day man but finally a breakthrough !!!!

    rosesue8 said...

    i tired using bobby's steps but the printer shuts down before i can finish the procedure

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Bobby.

    A huge help to an annoying problem.

    Always displayed 'color' ink cartridge when I selected 'black only'. All I wanted was black.

    Thanks, very good Bobby

    Anonymous said...

    If all else fails, I just solved it by holding the black button & stop/resume/reset button simultaneously (press black first). After 5 seconds the display showed a spinning sign, then it worked like normal. (I have a Pixma 495 by the way.)

    Boston Corbett said...

    I scanned an image with my MP495, now that image appears as a watermark on everything I ever scan and I can't remove it. What do I do?