How to reset waste ink pad on Brother DCP 770CW

Solution for "Error 46 Unable to Clean":

  • Enter machine maintenance mode. FAX models with numerical keypads: Press the Menu/Set, *, 2, 8, 6 and 4 keys within two seconds. (if you fail to complete the correct key sequence within two seconds, press the Stop key to try again).
    Other (non-FAX) models: Press the Menu/Set and Black Start keys. Next press the “up arrow” key four times to enter the maintenance mode).
  • Press the 8 then 0 keys in the initial stage of the maintenance mode to call up the machine’s log information list (function code 80).
  • Press the Black Start key several times to scroll through the log information list to reach the purge counter. The purge counter is the 25th item in the list.
  • Press the 2, 7, 8, and 3 keys in this order to reset the purge count to zero.
  • Press the Stop/Exit key to return to the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
  • Press the 9 key twice to return to the standby state.


JO said...

Great!! It works on the Brother 750CW too. Follow the instructions minutely though.

jo said...

without the numerical keypad, when it says enter 80 etc. use arrow keys to get to 8 then press ok then use arrow keys for 0 then press ok

on dcp-770 use mono button to scroll to find the purge then again use arrow keys for entering the code again one at a time and pressing ok after each one.

saved me some money as i nearly bought a new printer! :)