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Replacing carriage belt on HP Designjet 500

Unlock Carriage:
The purpose of this Service Utility is to unlock the Carriage Assembly which is normally locked by the Service Station in order to cap the Printheads. Once unlocked, the Carriage Assembly can then be moved freely along the Printer by hand. Perform the Unlock Carriage utility as follows:

  • In the Service Utilities submenu, scroll to "Unlock Carriage" and press Enter.
  • Once the utility starts, the printer will begin to unlock the Carriage Assembly and the following message will be displayed on the front panel.
  • Once the Carriage is unlocked (Printheads have been uncapped) the following message will appear on the front panel: NOTE The Carriage will remain uncapped until another action (e.g. loading paper or replacing Printheads) is selected which returns the Printer to normal operation. Make sure you leave the Carriage in a locked position once the repair is completed.

1. Switch off the Printer after unlocking carriage.
2. Remove the Left Hand Cover
3. Remove the Right Hand Cover
4. Remove the Top Cover and Window -

5. Remove the Front Panel Assembly -

6. Remove the Service Station -

7. Remove the Fork Idler, Tensioner and

8. Remove the Encoder Strip -
9. Remove the Service Station Holder -

10. Manually move the carriage to the correct position to remove the Tubes Assembly from the Carriage.

11. Release the latch and lift up the Carriage cover.

12. Remove all the Printheads.

13. Loosen 1 T-8 screw that secures the Tubes to the Carriage.

14. Unclip the Tubes from the Carriage and lift up.

15. Move the Tubes Assembly clear from the Carriage Assembly.

16. Close the Carriage Cover. Unclip

17. Unclip the Carriage Cover (clip located on the left hand side of the Carriage - use a screwdriver if necessary).

18. Remove the clip securing the Trailing Cable.

19. Disconnect the Trailing Cable from the Carriage Assembly. Remove

20. Slide the Trailing Cable out of the clip inside the Carriage Assembly and then lift up to free it from the Carriage.

21. Slide the carriage (including the Belt) to the right and out of the Printer.

22. The Belt can then be slipped off the Carriage Clips.

Installing the Carriage Assembly:
When connecting the Trailing Cable to the Carriage, make sure that you align the red lines on the Trailing Cable as shown in this drawing.

NOTE When installing the Belt, make sure that you insert it into the Carriage as shown in this drawing.


hi, how can i please replace the Starwheel Motor? thank you!

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