How to reset the ink absorber´s counter for Canon Pixma iP4600 iP4700 and more...

You get a message like "Waste tank full" or "Ink absorber full". A green and an orange LED blink alternately seven times (that´s 14 times in total). The driver shows a message like "Error code 5B00" and an advice to call the Service-Center.

Download "Service Mode Tool Version 1.050" on the internet: this software allows you to reset the internal counter to "0". To apply this software you have to put the printer in service mode:
  • Switch off the printer
  • Push and hold the "Resume" button
  • Push and hold the "Power" button
  • Hold both buttons for about five seconds
  • Let go of the "Resume" button
  • Press the "Resume" button twice
  • Let go of the "Power" butto
  • When the green LED stops blinking and lights continuously the printer is in service mode. 
  • Install the programm.
  • To reset the counter to zero level (D=000.0) go to "SET CLEAR WASTE INK" and click "MAIN", then choose "0" in the window to the right.
    Click the next window with the two questionmarks (??) 
  • To leave service mode switch off the printer and switch it on again.

This solution works with:
  • Canon Pixma iP3600, iP4600, iP4700
  • Canon Pixma MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990
  • Canon Pixma MX860, MX870


dental said...

I cant find the program anywere...

Akos said...

Hello, I cannot enter service mode as both leds starts blinking after the procedure. Please help+