How to solve ink system failure on HP 3110

Solution 1:
- Hold down the "OK", "Cancel", "Black", and "Color" buttons at the same time and turn the printer off.
- Keep holding the buttons down until the printer shuts off and turn it back on.
- Turn the printer off twice and then it will recalibrate.
- Make sure there are new cartridges in the printer so that it can reset.

Solution 2:
- Remove the cartridges from the product.
- Wait for the 'Insert Cartridges ' message to display on the control panel.
- Disconnect the power cord from the back of the product.
- Wait 60 seconds.
- Reconnect the power cord. If the product does not automatically turn on, press the Power button.
- Reinsert the cartridges, and then close any open doors on the product.
- If you receive a prompt to print a calibration page, do so.
- Reconnect the USB cable to the rear of the product, and then try printing again.

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