Xerox Workcentre C2424 Errors

31,004.40:6909: it's a mechanical initialization jam error. Pull out the paper tray to make sure it doesn't have a jam. Try also to manually feed some heavy paper or card stock through the printer to make sure the sensor in the preheater isn't stuck.

39,002.40 : DRAM test failure.

39,012.40:56208: "Cycle the power" and if that does not work replace the document feeder.

39,012.41: Document Feeder Optical Failure. Replace the document feeder.

4,0XX.6x: Process Control Software Fault.
  • Reset NVRAM and then retest.
  • Ensure ground integrity for the system
  • Replace the EEPROM chip.
  • Reboot the system.
  • From the System Setup menu, go to "Information", "Troubleshooting"
  • Service Tools menu.
  • With the cursor at the top of the Service Tools menu, press both the Up Arrow
  • and Down Arrow buttons to display the Hidden Service menu.
  • Reset NVRAM is in there.

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