Hard Reset procedure for HP C6180

  • Remove all cables, including:
  • Unplug the printer power.
  • Hold down # and 6 on the keyboard.
  • Plug the power cord back in.


Sankpl said...

Thank you very much, It worked for my printer.

It looks like my power surge is not good for the printer, so it made the printer go crashing all the time when plugged. So i tired your option of doing a hard reset and it was sucessfuly. Unfortunately when i replaced my printer in the Surge it starting to crash again. I am going to find a better for the printer.

Gina said...

This fix only works for a short time. 4 capacitors will (or have) fail(ed) and for only about $20, you can follow the instructions left by a kind fellow: http://www.fixya.com/uploades/images/ACCA299.jpg and replace the capacitors. I followed these instructions and my printer is now as good as new.

franz.huetter said...

Hi Gina,
your Link to the Picture is broken, please post a new one.
I have the same problem on my Printer.
Thanks Franz